Dragon Ball Super promises Bulma’s return in episode 128 and more

Bulma in Dragon Ball Super

Android 17’s pitiless death is not the only saddest things we have experienced. Last year, Dragon Ball Super lost one anime’s voice actress and ever since every DBS fans felt something is missing since the Tournament of Power has started.

Bulma’s voice actress Hiromi Tsuru known as an amazing character for its beautiful and sweet voice. She had done it for over 31 years and that’s a way too long journey for us.

Bulma's voice actress Hiromi Tsuru

On November 16, 2017, she found dead in a car and the whole Japanese anime industry collapsed after discovering the news.

Recently TOEI ANIMATION and official Dragon Ball’s social account announced that Bulma will return in the Dragon Ball Super episode 128 and the voice actress will be the same as before. I think Tsuru has done her job completely before her death.

Here take a look at the latest news about Bulma’s return:

According to TOEI ANIMATION, Veteran voice actor Aya Hisagawa has been selected to fill late Hiromi Tsuru’s shoe as Bulma in the future possible Dragon Ball Series. But before that our Tsuru will return for one last time.

Bulma's new voice actress Aya Hisagawa

Last week, Amazon Japan’s site released one commercial advertisement where Bulma promoting the series’s collaboration with a cleaning product.

Aya Hisakawa is hired for Bulma’s new voice actress. After Dragon Ball Super comes to an end, she will be taking over Tsuru’s place. But the question is arise, why they hired Bulma’s voice actress when series is in conclusion.

There is a possibility that for the new Dragon Ball Movie, Hisakawa will be there or for the next sequel of Dragon Ball series.

Even though this is a very big change made in the series, still there is not so much difference in both of their voices. Still, the Bulma sound seemed very likely the same.

You can check the below Japan Amazon’s commercial:

Source: Twitter



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