‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie Title Revealed! Old Villain Is Coming

Dagon Ball Movie Broly

Japan’s TOEI Animation just dropped important news regarding upcoming Dragon Ball Movie‘s title and its related to Goku’s all-time arch enemy.

The movie title finalized as Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2018.

You can check out below poster which confirms the movie’s title:

That was unexpected news since we only knew that Dragon Ball Super movie would explore Yamoshi, Frieza and Saiyan’s origin.

If you remember correctly, the very first teaser of Dragon Ball Super movie shows off one mysterious Saiyan and nearly most of the DBS fans guessed it could be Yamoshi, the first Super Saiyan God. But it was Broly’s figure. Hence it makes sense why Goku enthusiastic for fighting Broly.

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Broly first appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan movie which was non-canon to the original story to Dragon Ball anime series. Also, it is still unconfirmed whether they will reboot the character as Gotenks and Gohan killed him in Dragon Ball Z: Broly- Second coming.

If you don’t know about this who is Broly actually, then let me explain to you.


Broly was a newborn child who kept in the incubator next to baby Goku. Due to Goku’s crying, Baby Broly got scared, and since then it becomes his destiny to kill that man who responded to make Broly cry. Broly was born with ultimate power far higher than the most of the elites Saiyans and eventually becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Here is the official synopsis for Dragon Ball Super: Broly:

The film takes place after the Universe Survival Saga depicted in Dragon Ball Super. Under the tagline “the greatest enemy, Saiyan,” the film will describe the fate of series protagonist Son Goku, Vegeta and Broly upon their first reimagined meeting, the connection of the Freeza army, and the history of the Saiyans.

Directed by Tatsuya Nagamine and Naohiro Shintani, Dragon Ball Super: Broly produced by Toei Animation. Akira Toriyama has taken over the places of character designs, storyline, and screenplay.

20th movie of Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Broly will hits theaters December 14, 2018


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