‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ Trailer Easter Eggs & Breakdown

Dragon Ball Super Broly movie

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is nowadays most talking controversial topic and thanks to the addition of Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, the movie has gone viral before its release.

TOEI Animation released anime movie’s first full-length trailer at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and fans reviving all the scenes from 1993’s Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan.

On the trailer, you can find out some reprising characters as well as new design characters. What made this trailer so unique is that the return of Broly, Legendary Super Saiyan of all time and also one of the infamous arch enemies of Son Goku.

Everyone is aware of his non-canon origin from the 1993’s Z movie, but now he is going to be official canon, hope he could get the same origin.

In this article, you see all the essential details from the trailer that could be easter eggs for you guys. The movie will continue the journey of Goku-Vegeta after the Survival Arc where they will meet their greatest foe yet.

Here are the Breakdown and easter eggs from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie:


Space Pod Dragon Ball Super Broly anime movie
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The trailer starts with one space pod heading towards planet Earth. If Broly inside the space pod, then it would be an homage to his previous non-canon movie where he traveled through it and escaped before Frieza destroy planet Vegeta.

But this non-canon story happened a very long time ago. In the trailer, Broly’s space pod also seems to be landed on icy place probably on Earth (because the teaser said, Earth has Goku).

According to CBR, Broly could have landed on Earth and trap inside the ice until Saiyan find out about the future threat.


Dragon Ball Super Broly vs Frieza
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In the same, we can see monster Broly coming out of unknown similar to Frieza’s one. So I think, after defeating Frieza, he forcefully taken his spaceship and headed towards Goku to kill him.

Even in this era, Broly still a Legendary Super Saiyan and without a doubt, in his base form, he can go toe-to-toe against Earthling Saiyans with ease.

There is also a possibility that Frieza is responsible for Broly’s creation at first. Lab scenes from the trailer indicate that it could be Frieza’s doing to make him most robust and by the time he gets adult, harness his monstrous Saiyan powers comrade. But in the trailer, Broly was fighting against Frieza.

According to IGN, it may be due to Frieza wants to test his Saiyan powers and he also said, he had excellent skills even Frieza battling against him in his Golden form. So that could explain both the characters’ origin story and why Frieza included in the film.


Broly in DBS movie
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Both old characters, i.e., Broly and his father, Paragus. By looking at Paragus’s armor proves Frieza and him somehow connected.

On the other hand, Broly seen wearing old Saiyans’ clothing and in Frieza’s forces armor. So could be that he team up with Frieza forces so that Saiyan will destroy his race.


Broly roars in DBS movie trailer
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Is Broly has a stable mind in the movie? In his previous non-canon film, Paragus controlled his mind, and from the trailer, it seems the same as when he said to his son ‘Do it, Broly!’. Also, Broly wears one neckless around his neck. So in the DBS movie also, Paragus seems to have control over his mind as well as his body.


Paragus in DBS boly trailer
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Paragus has a scar on his left eye the same as his previous 1993’s movie. In the old film, young Broly punches in his eye as he is growing up violently. So there may be a chance that the same part will be recycled in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly once again.


Saiyans hands
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The second part of the trailer shows two hands trying to touch each other which is separated by a glass wall of a space pod. So it’s a possibility that Bardock is saying goodbye to Goku when space pod about to launch and heading towards Earth just before Planet Vegeta destroyed by Frieza.


Saiyans baby incubator
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An enhanced version of incubator shown in the trailer where all Saiyans’ baby kept side by side. Seems to be same as previous Broly movie where Goku was inside it and was responsible for making Broly cry.


Broly scars
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Paragus is not the only one with a scar. His son has too. Broly’s promotional images show he has three to four scars on his body. So it indicates that his previous battle with the strongest one like Frieza.

In the old movie, king Vegeta order to kill him because he was born with 10,000 scale powers. Hence according to him, it would be dangerous if they let him grow adult. So it must be that scar Broly got on his left chest.


Two saiyans in Dragon Ball Super Broly trailer
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Nearly at the end of the trailer, we can see two Saiyans having along with their tail. The right side of the Saiyan could be King Vegeta or Paragus. But the other one is unknown. He could be King Vegeta’s one of a companion. So it may be we get to know him directly in the movie.

Lots of other Saiyans we will surface in the movie as according to Akira Toriyama, the film will reveal the origin of the Saiyan race and Frieza. So this would be enough for the storyline of how planet Vegeta had destroyed.


Ultra Instinct Broly Dragon Ball Super
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The trailer ends with Goku’s shocking expression when he witnesses Broly’s new level of enormous powers. In this form, Broly’s hair seems to be white. So could it be ultra instinct?

To attain ultra instinct, the user must be at their limits and needs to reach near death experience. Most importantly he must have clear their mind and have a primary goal. And Broly has all of that.

From his previous movie, he has a clear motive to kill Goku. Therefore, when Broly is about to lose, he will achieve the next level of power which could compete with Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue transformation.


Yamoshi's spirit of Super Saiyan God
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During Akira Toriyama’s interview, he said Yamoshi was the first super Saiyan god and will have his part of the story in the film as Akira was the responsible person to design his character. But the trailer without Yamoshi disappoints fans a little bit.

I think Whis would be the person to revise Yamoshi’s backstory from Planet Sadala. So indirectly we will see the destruction of planet Sadala when evil Saiyans defeat Yamoshi and his comrades.

That’s it from the trailer. Do you like the trailer? Tell us what do you think about it.

Here is the official synopsis for Dragon Ball Super: Broly:

The film takes place after the Universe Survival Saga depicted in Dragon Ball Super. Under the tagline “the greatest enemy, Saiyan,” the film will describe the fate of series protagonist Son Goku, Vegeta and Broly upon their first reimagined meeting, the connection of the Freeza army, and the history of the Saiyans.

Directed by Tatsuya Nagamine and Naohiro Shintani, Dragon Ball Super: Broly produced by Toei Animation. Akira Toriyama has taken over the places of character designs, storyline, and screenplay.

20th movie of Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Broly will hits theaters December 14, 2018 in Japans and on January 2018 in US.



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