10 Best ‘Dragon Ball Super Moments So Far


Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken Goku vs Hit fight
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After Beerus, Hit was the first super strongest character who seems to have way more power level than the Goku.

Introduced as a brand new assassin of Universe 6, Hit successfully does his job in a single shot. If it’s not for a killing rule, during Goku vs Hit’s first match, Goku could be dead at that time.

As the battle between Universe 7 and Universe 6 comes to a close, Hit learned the way how Goku consistently rises his powers during the fight. And that’s how Hit becomes so much stronger and exceed his time skip technique even more.

Both fighters pushed their own limits. The highlight of this fight was undoubtedly when Goku activate Kaio-Ken which was supposed to be used against Beerus in future.


Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution vs Toppo
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Dragon Ball Super delivered Vegeta fans justice at the end of Tournament of Power by giving him new transformation.

Unlike Goku’s newly awaken Ultra Instinct, in his own ways, Vegeta breaks his limits severely and surpassed all of his previous strongest forms.

His rage, his angriest expression, being calling himself as Prince of All Saiyans and this is why we love him so much.

When Universe 11’s Pride trooper Toppo tap into God of Destruction mode, he proceeds to rake everyone in sight using his HAKAI (Destruction) energy.

According to him why he is so strong because he gave up all important to him to do justice for everyone.

He nearly tore Vegeta apart by insulting him about he was carrying the burden to protect his family and friends.

His pride and promise to Cabba made him busts out the same suicidal move that once upon a time that defeated Majin Buu.

Vegeta’s new power is the result of his broken limits in his Super Saiyan Blue form and officially the name of the transformation is Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan: Evolution.

In this powers, he overcomes Toppo’s God of Destruction powers and evenly compared Super Saiyan Blue Goku Kaio-Ken 20 times.


Ultra Instinct Goky vs Jiren's first fight
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October 10, 2017! No one has forgotten this date.


Because it’s the date of birth of Ultra Instinct. In the 1-hour special episode of Goku vs Jiren, Goku encountered with Jiren for the first time.
Universe 7’s tried his best to defeat him. But Jiren hardly used his powers against him.

Surprising things is that Goku’s SSB with Kaio-Ken 20 times was no matched against Jiren’s 10 percent of power.

After striking his own created Spirit Bomb, its energy shattered Goku’s potential powers, thus gave the birth of Ultra Instinct.

In the past three years, Dragon Ball Super has given us some of the best transformations ever. But this form was something else.

According to Universe 7 Angel Whis, Goku tap into Ultra Instinct because he felt near death experience and pushes his limits critically.

When Zeno-Ohs were about to announced Son Goku’s elimination from the Tournament of Power, hero find himself coming back from nowhere having legendary capability even God of Destructions finds trouble for mastering it.

That was the first time, Goku’s power equally rivals Jiren’s. His speed, punches, movement and defensive abilities enhanced to no extent.

However series has ended now, but still, it was one of Dragon Balls greatest ever fight scenes along with ‘Ultimate Battle’ theme song.


Blue Vegito vs Fused Zamasu fight
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‘Future Trunks Saga‘ is known to be one of the best arcs ever because of its great villains, dark storyline and consistent improvement to the Z-fighters.

When Black Goku and Zamasu fused using Potara, they go on a rampage.

With no options left, Goku and Vegeta resort to fusion as well to take out the dangerous threat.

After fusing into Vegito, both Saiyans decided to use all of their powers utilizing Super Saiyan Blue.

After transforming into Super Saiyan Blue, Vegito broke down Fused Zamasu nearly to death. According to Shin, Vegito Blue might have surpassed God of Destruction Beerus at that time.

Vegito not only possess the powers need to bring this monstrous villain to a standstill but we also get to see an unexpected element of watching him go Super Saiyan Blue.

But sadly, it only appeared for the single time. Because they used tremendous powers in less than an hour. Hence defused earlier.


Goku's True ultra instint form Dragon Ball Super episode 129
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The most awaited moment came when all the universe completely erased except Universe 7 and Universe 11.

The finale showdown started when Goku challenge Jiren once again.

When all warriors of Universe 7 drained out their stamina while fighting with Jiren, Goku was the only hope to win the Tournament of Power.

Jiren who seems to have no limits to his powers was about to knock off Goku from the arena stage. But Android 17’s sacrifice, Vegeta’s pride and all of his friends’ trust towards him drives him to tap into Ultra Instinct for the third time.

Even so, Jiren’s unstoppable nature going up against imperfect Ultra Instinct Goku. Hence, Goku goes deeper into thinking about his fight with Jiren.

By clearing his mind and focusing only his fight, Goku finally mastered Dragon Ball Super’s strongest transformation yet Ultra Instinct.

Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku instantly defeats Jiren in a matter of time. What makes this fight more enjoyable was Goku’s unbelievable increased power levels.

Both fighters increased used their fullest remaining powers to go up against each other. But Ultra Instinct is the god ability and almighty Jiren was no match for it.

In many ways, this battle was reminiscent of the Dragon Ball Super’s fights from old series. But its unspeakable pitch-perfect way of concluding spellbinding series makes it Super.


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