10 Best ‘Dragon Ball Super Moments So Far

Ultra Instinct Goku best moment in Dragon Ball Super

It’s been a three year since Dragon Ball Super started. In every single episode, there were something super moments which made us fall in love with the franchise even more.

Addition of new characters, fresh design to old characters and incredible animation takes the anime series to a whole another level.

Sequel to Akira Toriyama’s best Dragon Ball Z, Super takes place after the events of Buu Arc. To become even stronger when the time comes someone like Buu would come, Goku trained even harder.

And the most rage moment came when Dragon Ball Super’ strongest character, Beerus step into Earth to challenge Goku as Super Saiyan God.

After that, set of Goku-Vegeta’s continuous training with Whis and battle with strong and divine enemies made them surpass their own limits which were responsible to make the anime even great.

Throughout the best Dragon Ball Super fights, there are some aces moments which fills with the bounty excitements. Some of the DBS fans never get tired even if they watched it hundreds of time.

Hence, after the successful conclusion of anime, Hero’s Facts has consolidated some of the top moments which may trigger us to watch the series once again.

Spoiler Alert: If you are watching dubbed version of Dragon Ball Super, then you may need to leave this article.

Before reading these Dragon Ball Super best moments, please take a look at below elements which need to point out earlier:

  1. Most Valuable Player, Android 17
  2. Vegeta’s New transformation
  3. Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct

Here are top Dragon Ball Super’s epic moments so far


Battle of Universe 7 team vs Anilaza
TOEI Animation. All rights reserved.

When Universe 3 was on the brink of extinction, their last hope, and trump card, Anilaza made an astonishing entry in the tournament of Power.

He was a fusion between Koichiarator (who also a fusion among Universe 3’s three other Android robots Koitsukai, Panchia, and Bollarator) with Paparoni.

After fusion, Anilaza granted so much amount of destructive powers. Its monstrous powers started a rampage on arena stage which destroys arena stage so heavily.

No one stands against it even Goku’s SSG form.

What makes this battle so memorable and exciting is Universe 7’s unity.

Vegeta, Goku, Android 17-18, Gohan, and Frieza comes together and give it their own in a combined attack. Even so, Anilaza’s powers weigh more than the expected.

But MVP Android 17 found its one weakness. While counterattacking Anilaza’s massive Ki blast, No. 17 passed through its Ki blast and destroy its energy reactor.

Because of this, Gigantic Android beast blasted out which cause them to defuse and loss the Tournament of Power.


Black Goku identity
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Future Trunk Arc is one of the best Sagas of Dragon Ball Super and its main part of the attraction is its violent villains.

In Future Trunks timeline, when mysterious character killed future Bulma and destroyed their hideout, Future Trunks and Mai arrive at Capsule Corporation.

But villain still on his move to kill him which cause Mai to knock out while saving Trunks.

After going this trauma, Trunks went toe-to-toe against him but not even a single beat, he was on par with him. That’s when the mysterious character reveals his identity.

But guess what. He is no other than our series’ favorite hero Son Goku but in a evil behavior.

At that time, before revealing his identity, most of us thinking it was some ancient Saiyan monkey or some kind of new Android.

Instead, we come face to face with Goku whose voice and the whole persona match the Goku from present timeline.


Master Roshi in Tournament of Power
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Dragon Ball Super made every character’s fight scenes incredible. And Master Roshi’s sacrifice is known to be one of the best sacrifices ever did in the Tournament of Power.


Remember Goku used Roshi’s Evil Containment Wave to lock Future Zamasu. Same happened in this arc also.

During his fight with Universe 4’s warrior, same technique he used to seal Dercori into a jar and throw it off the stage. But while doing rest, Frost attack him suddenly.

When Master Roshi used this technical second time on Frost, he got tricked and Vegeta gets captured instead.

But as you know how the results turned heroic later. Old man gets exhausted and jumps out off the stage.

He did not only showed that he still got it but was even given an emotional send-off. Thanks to his brilliant work, Universe 7 got motivated which triggered Z-Fighters to fights with carrying more responsibility.


Goku vs Gohan fight before Tournament of Power
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Piccolo trained Gohan very well in a small amount of time just before the tournament of Power. Piccolo’s wise words and his teaching method made Gohan awaken his ultimate powers.

After getting the upper hand to his hidden powers, Gohan challenge Son Goku for a sparring match.

As every DBS fans knew that Gohan becomes weaker as he grows up. But his impressive battle against Goku made every Dragon Ball Z fans to believe him once again.

With the tournament of Power just around the corner, Gohan takes on his father in the most brutal of practice matches. This was not so much but known to be Dragon Ball Super’s one of the best fights.

Piccolo and Tien also had their minor spotlight. But father and son’s fight manage to prove that how really strong Gohan is.

It’s obvious he is not even as compared to Super Saiyan Blue Goku along with Kaio-Ken ten times. But it was a valiant attempt as Goku reveals that he was extremely proud of his Son.


Ultra Instinct Goku vs Super Saiyan Kefla fight
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Dragon Ball’s first female Saiyan character, Caulifla and Kale tremendously increase their power level in the Tournament.

While fighting with Goku, Caulifla learned so much about Saiyan race and her hidden powers which trigger her to utilize against him.

After fusing together, both girls’ power levels, speed, and magnitude approximately increase ten times higher than the before.

Kelfa is known to be one of the strongest and most powerful fusion characters in the entire Dragon Ball history. Hence to compete her, Goku force himself to exceed his limits and went Super Saiyan Blue.

As both Saiyans’ powers evenly match because Goku was already exhausted and had not fully recovered from his previous battle with Jiren.

Hence to defeat Kefla, Goku needs to awaken his Ultra Instinct second time.

What makes that episode so great when Ultra Instinct Goku knock her down using his best Kamehameha ever using his imperfect instinct.


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