Dragon Ball Super New Art Resembles Avengers: Infinity War’s Poster

Dragon Ball Super new poster Avengers Infinity War

Dragon Ball Super’s new art poster looks very amazing because it has taken a direct inspiration from Avengers: Infinity War.

Avengers’ new poster came online when its second trailer released. It centered Tony Stark circled by all the MCU heroes and top of that Thanos is seen as their biggest enemy yet.

New Poster of Avengers Infinity War

Similarly, one artwork poster was drawn by one of Dragon Ball fan which looks same as that of Avengers’ one.

You can check Dragon Ball Super’s fan art poster which is inspired (copied) from Avengers: Infinity War:

In the above fan art poster, Robert Downey Jr. replaced by Goku along with his Ultra Instinct Ability.

It’s pretty obvious that in a different way Goku has many elements like getting stronger day by day same as that of Tony Stark who also wants to develop his technologies day by day.

The main visual of the poster is Jiren who replace Thanos’s place as the Dragon Ball Super’s strongest character.

At this point, DBS fans know that Jiren is the strongest opponent yet in the history of Dragon Ball. On the other hand, Thanos is Marvel’s biggest and one of the most crual villain yet.

Other fighters, for example, Vegeta in his Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form seen in Captain’s place who has similar pride same as that of Vegeta. To protect his world, Steve must carry all the burden of the people and hope of his friends.

On the left side, series’ most valuable player has taken Thor’s place. No. 17 share most of the elements same as that of God of Thunder from MCU who has his own beliefs.

Thor just had lost his hammer and his beloved father. Like Android 17 who had valuable time in the Tournament of Power, Thor has most screen timing in the Avengers: Infinity War than the other heroes.

In the Tournament of Power, No. 17 was the amazing opponent for Universe 11. Similarly in the Avengers: Infinity War, Thor is doing the same.

Another look at Android 18 who replace Black Widow’s position and it looks fine. As she sacrificed her chance to protect her brother No. 17 from elimination.

Same as Black Widow, she is a not only excellent warrior but also a good person.

Other Dragon Ball Super’s characters who replace Avengers: Infinity War’s superheroes are as follow:

Dragon Ball Super’s characters

Avengers: Infinity War’s characters

Kale Gamora
Caulifla Mantis
Krillin Rocket Raccoon
Hit Drax the Destroyer
Piccolo War Machine
Frieza Star-Lord
Gohan T’Challa
Toppo Hulk
Cabba Teen Groot
Dyspo Nebula
Belmod Doctor Strange
Whis Vision


The above replaceable characters are pleasant and remaining fighters’ position in the poster are meaningless.

So do comments about what do you are thinking. Some people assuming this poster Marvel has copied from the Anime series. But that’s not it. It’s an inspiration and you must appreciate it.

If you are not aware of this series, Dragon Ball Super is a direct sequel to Akira Toriyama’s most popular yet Dragon Ball Z series.

The anime started airing on July 5, 2015. After killing Kid Buu, Goku brought peace to the earth. After living calmly along with his family and friends, he confronted series’ biggest powerful character yet and attained the state of God.

Goku’s usual behavior of challenging strongest opponents by exploring other universes which create unstoppable foes.


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