Dragon Ball Super will end in March 2018 according to Japan

Goku in Dragon Ball Super ending in March
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Dragon Ball Super is Akira Toriyama’s fifth most popular anime series which introduced elite and unique strongest characters ever which includes Gods also. Recently news hits the internet about its likely ending.

Dragon Ball Super top 10 strongest warriors
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There were already rumors circulating across the web but Dragon Ball Fans never believed it. Most of the Vegeta fans assume that after ‘Universal Survival Saga’, we may point to upcoming fan-made arc named as Planet Sadala.

As per the news from Japanese site Sanspo,

Akira Toriyama’s first series Dragon Ball which was aired in Japan in 1986, currently broadcasting it’s fifth ‘Dragon Ball Super’ anime will be ending with the end of March.

As a replacement, there will be new Fuji TV series, “Gegege no Kitaro”. Further Fuji TV explained that the production is TBA for now but promise that series will not end.

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super was his completely new project work which started Debuting in Japan in June 2015.

The story starts right after Goku defeated Majin Buu and starts living his happy family along with his friends until God of Destruction Beerus’s first appearance.

Later our hero encountered his old infamous foe, Frieza and the anime starts shaping the super storyline where Z-Fighters comes to know that they are not the only warriors who are mightier in the world.

Series consistently introducing their new invention and style and Goku Black is one of them.

Dragon Ball Super's Universe 7 warriors and Jiren
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In the Universal Survival Saga, Z-Fighters clashes with Pride Troopers who seems to be way stronger than their Gods. The only way they can win the Tournament of Power if they find their strengths which lie beyond their powers.

That was a huge relieved when Fuji TV said Dragon Ball Super is not the end of series. But it is unknown whether their reference is up to the particular anime or entire Dragon Ball anime series.

Fuji TV additional said that a new anime will air at the same time as that of Dragon Ball Super which is currently airing every Sunday morning at 9’ o clock.

Gegege no Kitaro 2018 new anime key visual
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Gegege no Kitaro‘ will starts airing this April 2018 after DBS end. If you don’t know, in the new series, Goku’s voice actor Masako Nozawa will be voicing Medama-Oyaji and Piccolo’s voice actor Toshio Furukawa will be playing Nezumi-Otoko.

Dragon Ball 20th movie 2018
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We don’t have to worried about its ending because now Akira Toriyama and Toshio is free from the current work and will only focused on their future Dragon Ball movie which will release in the December 2018.

Even if the series successfully hype our excitation, it doesn’t mean that they can do both movie and series together.

Super Saiyan God Yamoshi fan art
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Akira has announced that the new movie will investigate the story of first Super Saiyan God, Yamoshi and will direct the Saiyans story into their homeworld Planet Sadala.

Not only this, the movie will also unveil the secrets behinds Goku-Vegeta’s Saiyan race and why they are continuously increasing their powers.

According to Herms98, Animator Tsutmo Ono tweeted about how news of Dragon Ball Super’s ending has gone viral. He also confirmed that the upcoming episode 126 will be his last episode as animator director.

Episode 131 is DBS last airing episode which will release on March 25 and after that Kitaro anime takes over.

Apart from Anime’s ending news which really hurts our feeling, we have DBS manga which is about to enter into a Tournament of Power. Fans already guess that the manga will not be the same as that of anime’s Universal Survival Arc.

There are chances that Dragon Ball will get its next season if their new movie ends right where the anime will end. If the anime ends with the Cliffhanger of Jiren then we know it’s coming back just like Beerus said he’s coming when Ultra Instinct Goku born.

Dragon Ball Z Goku Ubb end episode
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If Dragon Ball Super ends like its previous season where Goku met Uub, then probably series will not come.

But it’s not confirmed either. One thing is sure that the anime is teaching us about Patience. If they taking time to the introduction new storyline, we just have to appreciate them.

Because they are the only person who regularly offered new things that we haven’t imagine for example the first appearance of the strongest character of the series, the first appearance of strongest Saiyan form and the first appearance of strongest mortal being.

It’s like a magic when TOEI amination announced the return of Dragon Ball Super series after a long time from its Dragon Ball Z.

These two years really extraordinary and wonderful for us and we just have to keep moving forward until the movie is coming out or the next series or possibly next sequel to Super.

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