New Dragon Ball Super Anime Is Coming!

dragon ball super goku vegeta

Recently Funimation and TOEI Animation trick us by sharing small details of the upcoming Dragon Ball project. Both companies teased at the same time meaning there should be an announcement for Dragon Ball Super sequel soon.

TOEI Animation is one of the Japanese animations company creates a fantastic anime series out of famous manga series. On the other hand, Funimation is a North American company that dubs most of the anime series. However, both company teasing such unexpected news at the same time meaning Goku and Vegeta will come once again.

You can check out below tweets by TOEI Animation & Funimation announcing “Something legendary is coming

@FUNimation share picture of Dragon Ball with four stars while @ToeiAnimation share picture of Dragon Ball with three stars. Hence there is a possibility that we could get the announcement of the next Dragon Ball project for either March 4 or April 3.

From these images, the team of Hero’s Facts guesses that new Arc of Dragon Ball Super, “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” will debut in the anime. Currently, in the manga series, Goku and Vegeta confront their greatest enemy yet Moro who was escape from the Galactic Prison.

Dragon Ball Super manga Moro

All these current events are happening right after the story of the Broly Arc. Now Dragon Ball Super: Broly already hit at the box-office with its remarkable storyline, there is a strong possibility that the anime will continue this year.

Another possibility is that this tweet cards would be about upcoming 35th Anniversary celebration of the original Dragon Ball manga’s release. If this is the case, there is no single thing to be surprised. However, that does not mean we could not get an announcement for the anime sequel.

Dragon Ball Super currently airs English Dubbed on every Saturday evenings at 11:00 p.m

Source: Twitter (@FUNimation & @ToeiAnimation)