Does Cable’s teddy bear teased the First Mutant Baby, Hope Summer?

Josh Brolin as Cable with Teddy Bear in his belt
Image Credit: Ryan Renolds

Earlier when Josh Brolin teases his first look through his Instagram account, the curiosity gets increases about him playing as Cable in the next Deadpool 2 Marvel movie. In next year, he will play both roles as Thanos, as Mad Titan in the Avengers: Infinity War and Cable, a time-traveling mutant from the future in the Deadpool 2.

Recently this morning, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds teases the very first look of live action Cable who might want to connect this upcoming movie with the existing X-Men universe. Because in the photo, Cable has teddy bear clipped at his belt. If you are an X-Men comic book fan, you will probably note that it has makes the connection with the first mutant baby.

  In second photo, Ryan Renolds says,

“We all have that one, grumpy, heavily armed Uncle from the future.”

We all have that one, grumpy, heavily armed Uncle from the future. #PremiumCABLE #MaximumAsshole

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Hope Summer is the very first mutant baby after the incident of Decimation/M-Day. On that day, Scarlett Witch has wiped out all the mutant gene and around 91.4% of the mutants lost their powers overnight. This was the biggest moment in the comics. With these words, ‘No more Mutants’, she totally devastated the mutant population on Earth and prevented any new mutant from being born. But Hope was the exception. She was born right after the Cerebra blew up. But next events were waiting for her. Her birthplace was attacked by the Purifiers who had an information about her birth. But Cable manages to save her. According to Cable, he was supposed to save the mutant race and humankind. But Purifiers assumes that she will turn evil and kill millions of humans hence things will lead to battle humanity against mutants once again.

After the various events, Cable finally jumps into the Future with the baby. After she becomes 7 years old, he decided to name her Hope Summer in honor of her adoptive mother, Cable’s wife Hope Summer.


The teaser photo of Cable includes a small teddy bear which may be an indication of Hope Summer who could be present in the X-Men movie universe. Like in the comics, similar circumstances happen in the Logan in which future of the X-Men universe is one where most of the mutants have been wiping out already. But still experiments on mutants exist, so there might be a chance for this first baby mutant. If things could happen like Laura aka X-23, we could probably see Cable travels back to Logan’s timeline and save the baby. After that traveling back to present where Deadpool 2 timeline takes place. If the things happen according to comic books, then we would possibly get to see more of X-23 and her young mutant’s friends.


In the comic book lore, Cable is the adult version of the son of the X-Men’s cyborg. This version of Cable is taken into the future when he was affected with a virus that turns his arm into cyborg one. So this is the movie version of Cable, it’s possible that the bear is one he had as a baby and he only keeps it as his sidekick doll where he came from.

Another possible theory is that the bear is nothing more than a very cute, counter-intuitive visual gag and in that version, Cable needs his teddy bear to sleep at night.

So what do you think about Cable’s new deadly look and his mysterious Teddy Bear. i am sure with the arrival of Cable, Fox will have more opportunities to explore their timeline.

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