Finally Doctor Strange appears in the Thor 3 International New Trailer

Thor and Doctor Strange in the Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel fans already aware of Doctor Strange’s cameo in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok MCU movie. During post credit scene of Doctor Strange solo film, he promised Thor that he would help him to find out his Father Odin. When Comic Con trailer of Thor 3 releases we feel the huge absence of Benedict Cumberbatch.

In this International Trailer of Thor 3, Doctor Strange seems to be giving warning to God of Thunder about his life changing destiny,

“Thor, I sense a great change in your Future. Destiny has dire plans for you, my friend”

Then Thor responds,

“I have dire plans for destiny.”

Doctor Strange and Thor in Thor Ragnarok
Image Credit: Marvel

Recently a new Japanese trailer for Thor: Ragnarok shows the first very glimpse of Doctor Strange’s return in the movie. This clip features plenty of never seen before scenes like footage of Hulk, Loki, Thor, Loki and Valkyrie and much more.

Although the trailer is in from another country, Russia, still Marvel fans can enjoy it in English. In this trailer, Bruce Banner is shown in out of hulk form and this is not going to last for more time. And new threat Hela is shown in her full force in this international trailer. When she invades Asgard before arrival of team Hulk, she said,

“I am neither God nor a monster. I am God of Death.”

Doctor Strange’s entry in the movie may be like a cameo or maybe he will have a large role. This is unknown, but one thing is sure, Benedict’s cameo would be based on his funny and interesting dialogues.

Last November movie confirms that Doctor Strange is bit concern about Loki’s threat to the Earth before agreeing to help Thor who travels looking for his father Odin. Hence there may be the possibility that Cumberbatch will team up with Almighty God to deal with Loki.

We are already excited to see new changes in the Hulk appearance as Mark Ruffalo had confirmed there will be huge changes in Hulk from the Thor: Ragnarok and Thor without his indestructible hammer now seem in the new form wielding some intense lightning powers as his eyes have been overlaid with pure light. Still, I think there might be new surprises that Marvel has kept under the wrap.

So what do you think about Doctor Strange’s cameo from the Thor 3 International trailer? Will this movie going to take Comic Book Storyline???

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