Disney’s Aladdin Live-Action-Film: Marwan Kenzari cast as Jafar

Animated Jafar and Marwan Kenzari
Marwan Kenzari and Jafar Disney’ Aladdin Live-Action-Film: Marwan Kenzari cast as Jafar
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Disney’s upcoming live action American film Aladdin which is a remake of its animated version of the same name based on the Aladdin and the magic lamp. According to a report from variety, Marwan Kenzari will appear as Jafar, the grand secretary to the sultan of the Agrabah whose sole objective is to use genie for his own Demonic plans. Variety has annouced the news though its twitter account

The film is directed by Guy Ritchie. In June 2017, he wanted to play the Jafar character by Tom Hardy but now he was replaced by Marwan. At the 2017’s D23 Expo, Guy announced the main cast members including talented actor Will Smith as Genie, Mena Massaud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Jasmine.

Kenzari is 34 years Old Dutch actor who was second stage actor having graduated from Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts and also work at the Amsterdam Theatre in there he plays Angels in America and Opening Night. He also debuted in his first film Maite Was Here and also appears in crime drama Loft and in TV series Penoza (Black Widow). Recently Marwan was seen in The Mummy opposite to Tom Cruise. In future, he set to star in Netflix’s Egyptian Spy drama The Angel and the sci-fi dystopia What Happened to Monday?

The story of Aladdin will follow the Disney’s 1992 animated classic and some of the story pack will be from the One Thousand and the One Nights. The movie features Agrabah, a fictional city inspired by the Middle East to India and China. Besides the main cast, Nasim Pedrad also joins the movie as a handmaid and friend to Jasmine.

The script of the live action Aladdin is written by John August who also wrote Big Fish. The producer of Warner Bros’s Sherlock Holmes, Dan Lin now producing the Aladdin through his Lin Pictures company.

The movie features a young man named Aladdin who granted three wishes by a genie who trapped in a lamp. After that Jafar find out about it and makes demonic plans for the lamp. This animated movie was the highest grossing film of the year 1992, also won Oscars for best score and for best song for ‘A Whole New World’.

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