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After the success of Death Note Japanese anime which was released in 2006, Netflix set to release its next project inspired by original Death Note manga as well as series. Most of the people have watched the anime features Light Yagami who wants to change the world without any type of crimes using Death Note and L who is an excellent detective manage to find out about death note and its owner. After that the Cat and mouse game begins, both try to hide their own identity. Whoever first discover about the other must die.

Death Note is the supernatural book used by Shinigami, the god of death. Whoever names is written on it, he or she will die in a way that owner has to describe it. Shinigami used the Death Book to sustain their own life by taking human life so that it will increase the lifespan of the Shinigami who use it. The book gets activated when actual human’s name is written in it. The special about this book is that it never runs out of pages. The very first owner of the death note book was a human named as Light Yagami who was a brilliant high school student. However, Death Note includes numbers of rules which help its owner to create a certain situation for victim death. So, in this article, I am going to discuss various rules which are mentioned in the death note book.

Rules of Death Note: How to use it

1. The most important rule written in the book is that the human whose name is written in this note shall die. After writing person’s name, it will not take effect instantly unless the owner has the person’s face in mind while writing his/her name. This is very important when there are two subjects with the same names.

2. The book is made in such a manner that it will not take effect whose name has been misspelled 4 times. But if the owner intentionally misspells the person’s name 4 times, the owner will die. This is getting interesting.

3. If the person’s name is written on more than two death note books within 0.06 seconds, then the book will consider it as simultaneous action and prevent the individual’s death.

4. Also when the person’s name is written more than two note books, the note book which was used first will take its effect regardless of the time of death.

5. The death note will not take effect if the victim’s name is written on different pages. The front and back of a page are considered to be one page. The death note will only take effect when victim’s first name is written on the back page and last mane on the first.

6. After writing victim’s name, he or she will die. But the cause of death is also has to write within a 40 seconds after writing subjects name, it will happen actually same as describing it.

7. This rule is long running one. If the cause of death isn’t specified, then the victim will die simply by a heart attack in 40 seconds. This rule can be delayed for 23 days. E.g. owner have to specify the time and date of the victim’s death.

8. It is not enough, after writing victim’s names on the death note, the cause of death and its details of the death should be written within the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

9. If the person’s death time is written within 40 seconds after specifying the cause of death as a heart attack, the owner can manipulate the time of death which can go into effect within 40 seconds after writing the name.

10. The condition of death will not take place until it is physically possible for the victim. Although using death note, the human’s actions can be controlled, if the impossible condition of death is written on it, the victim will simply die of a heart attack.

11. Shinigami, the God of death also unaware of the full potential of the book. Death Note book owner must find out their own.

12. After the writing the cause of death, the owner must mention the name in front of the cause of death. He will only have 19 days according to the human’s calendar to fill in a name.

13. The owner can manipulate all the parameter such as the name of the victim, time of death, the cause of death as many times as desired as long as they are altered within a next 6 minutes and 40 seconds. This is only possible before the victim’s death.

14. If death note book owner simply write ‘dies of accident’ as a cause of death, the victim will die from a natural accident within a next 6 minutes and 40 seconds. As accident is also a condition of death, the user has to fill the details before the time has passed.

15. The owner can get rid of the death note any time he wants by telling respective Shinigami. After that owner will not have any memories of the book nor any incident. But if he touches again the notebook, he will recall of all his/her memories again and also able to recognize the image and voice of Shinigami, a god of death.

Facts about Death Note

In above section, we have seen the important but deadly Death Note book rules. But there also never heard facts about this book which you didn’t know about

1. In the manga, Death Note 13: How to read states that each Death Note has 60 pages with 38 lines per page. After the book run out of pages, the user can ask Shinigami for another.

2. The Death Note officially become the property of human world once it touches the ground of the earth.

3. The owner who uses the Death note neither can go to hell, not heaven.

4. The owner of the notebook is possessed by a god of death, Shinigami until they die and the Shinigami is the only one who has the rights to take book owner’s life.

5. After human touches the book, the god of death, Shinigami usually appears in front of him/her within 39 days.

6. Shinigami mustn’t interfere the owner’s book or anything which will help or prevent the death in the note.

7. A god of death mustn’t reveal all of the secrets of the Death Note unless asked.

8. Shinigami can extend their own lifespan by putting a name on their own Death Note, but humans cannot.

9. The user can shorten his/her life by using the note.

10. The owner of the book can exchange his/her half of remaining life to get the eyeballs of the god of death. Using this supernatural eyes, the user can see the person’s name and remaining life span only looking at them.

11. The god of death cannot be killed using Death note or even if he stabbed in his own heart or shot himself with a gun. But sure there are many ways to kill a god which is generally unknown to the Shinigami.

12. Shinigami also unaware of the specific scope of death, so the user of the Death Note book must find out himself.

13. One page of the note or even a fragment of the page contains the full effects of the note.

14. Victim’s name can be written by various instruments like pen, pencil, even owner’s own blood as long as it is legible letters.

15. Even Shinigami, a god of death also do not know about the note.

16. If the victim is 780 days old, the Death Note will not take any effect.

17. Suicide is also a cause of death. In the human world, they are basically thought to be commit suicide which not something much unbelievable to think of.

18. If victim death reason leads to the death of more than the indented, the victim will simply die of a heart attack. This is very important to ensure that others’ lives are not influenced.

19. The owner of death note neither goes to hell nor heaven, the place they go to in mu which is nothing less.

20. God of death can read the guidelines for its use and teach them no matter what the contents may be.

21. God of death can take his Death Note book after the human owner’s death after it has been burned or destroyed

22. If the Death Note is destroyed after writing Victim’s name, he/she will kill by a simply heart attack in the next 40 seconds no matter what if the book exists or not.

23. If the god of death intentionally extends the humans life using the book, it will die.

24. If the victim’s death time is beyond his/her original life span, the victim will die before the set time.

25. If owner writes downs multiple victims’ names and mentioned only one cause of death for all within 40 seconds from start, the cause will take effect for all the victims.

26. If there are more than 6 Death note book in the human worlds, only first 6 note books will have only effects.

27. God of death is allowed to pass Death Note to humans only 3 times.

28. If owner passes the its ownership to others, he/she will lose the eye power of the god of death.

29. God of death can find his death note book’s owner only by looking through the hole in the world of the gods of death.

30. The user can lose his/her ownership of the Death Note book six times per book. If the six times exceeded, the owner’s original memory of the death note will not returns. So they have to use it without having previous knowledge of it.

So these are the most interesting Death Note rules and facts. What do you think??? There are any rules or facts which are not mentioned in the above section???

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