‘Deadpool 2’ Gets How It Should Have Ended Treatment

Deadpool 2 HISHE video

HISHE released their next fantastic fanmade footage online which reimagines the storyline of Deadpool 2 and gave it How It Should Have Ended treatment.

You can see below animated video of Deadpool 2 and check if it fixes the plot holes from the movie.:

If you have seen the HISHE’s last excellent Avengers: Infinity War video which had whole 5 alternate ending scenes, also connects to Deadpool universe where villain Palpatine sending a distress signal to Deadpool when he about to wipe out from Thor’s finger snap.

As usual, the video includes lots of humor as well as Captain America’s short cameo telling his iconic MCU joke about “LANGUAGE.”

HISHE also animate an alternate post-credit scene of Deadpool 2 where Wade Wilson saving Vanessa from a thief shooting at her and killed her in the original Deadpool timeline. But one mutant from X-Men family saves her without even noticing.

Creator of HISHE also points of Charles Xavier short appearance to recruit Russell in his gifted school.

In the video, we can feel massive absent of Man of Steel in a cafe shop, but Batman always shows whenever there is a demand or not.

Why? Because he’s Batman!

Avengers Infinity War HISHE video

So after getting Palpatine’s distress signal to help villain community, Deadpool went back in time and took out Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. But it seems that he likes it very much instead of returning it to Thanos.

And that how Deadpool 2 movie was ended in a brilliant way. What do you think about the latest HISHE video? Tell us in the below comment box and follow us in Hero’s Fact official Instagram account.


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