5 DC comics female superheroes all time

wonder woman strongest dc character

Marvel and DC comics given us the most of the legend superheroes through the comics and we have still enjoy it even if we are adults. DC comics created strong superheroes, super villains, etc. but they also gave us the strong and very beautiful female superheroes. Some of them are good and some of them are bad enough to take place the evil’s thrown.

The top 5 DC comics female superheroes are listed below


The first name pop up when we think about female character that is Wonder Woman. She is most iconic character of all time in the DC comics that have ever created. She was created by her mother Queen Hippolyta out of her clay and God Zeus gave us the super strength with no match for any other Gods to wipe out the evils from the world.

There are certain things we have seen like Lassos of truth, her unbreakable shield and her stylish cuff bracelet which is bullet proof. Her civilian name is Diana Prince and she left the Themyscira, lived in the man’s worlds. She is very talent, know hundreds of languages, having ultimate strong physical powers. He remains idolize for the woman that they can conquer the earth if they wants to. There are many other also but is the very important one.


Since comics created, Superman’s story that have been rolling our mind over the years. In that story line, Supergirl, her cousin Kara also play wonderful job. She is the protector of the Clark Kent. She is sent along with Clark during the events of Krypton destruction. But somehow she stuck in far beyond where time-space is unaffected.

After Superman have grown up, she later came up without age a single second. She also possess the same powers as superman. Now, CW gave so much importance to the Supergirl character through the show lead by Melissa Benoist who has shown her true potential to play the role.


Supergirl is silver age comic character. But in Golden age, there was Power Girl. She also has the same history like Kara Zor-L also has same name. She also sent along with superman to the Earth, but she stuck in time- space domain for 60 years and later came to earth without ageing when Superman married with his wife Loise Lane.

She raise like their daughter. Even she is big sister of Kal, she called him the uncle due to their age difference. When comics change to silver age, there origins are planted in Earth-2. And new stories have started in Earth-1. She is much more older and mature than Supergirl. Because of much more similarity between them Power Girls costume and body have been changes over the years.


In Juctice League: Unite trailer, there is Lady wearing same costume like Aquaman. She is Mera who is wife of Aquaman and Queen of Atlantis. They fell in love when she came to seek help from Aquaman to gain her stolen kingdom. And their love lasted for dacades.

They have son name Aquababy. But, somehow Aquababy gets killed. Because of that Mera filling with anger and rage that divides their love. This event had dome major impact on Aquamans storyline. But strong love never fails. They united once more after couple of events after the attack on Atlantis.


In Justice League ultimates animated series, Hawkgirl aka Kendra is seem to be very iconic and beautiful superhero after Wonder Woman. But she has the curse, every time Kendra is born again she must wander the earth till she meets again with her soul mate. As soon as they start to form deep love bond, they are destined to be murdered and the cycles repeats.

Her powers comes from the alien metal found on a ship that crashed on earth in Ancient Egypt when was Egyptian Princess. She have been incarnated in many forms like Superhero, princess, a gunslinger and a alien cop. She is immortal but get stuck in life-death cycle.

Above listed female superheroes have no match with others female comics character.

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