DC Comics Darkseid Facts Darkseid Facts about Uxas

dc comics darkseid facts

One of the main or we can say last and strongest DC comics villains that Justice League have ever encountered

He is dictator of Apokolips in which he has a Power of Gods. From multiverse’s, he began the war between human and their old God in which God’s side lose the war. Then Darkseid steal their powers for himself.

Whole life he was trying to search the anti-life equation to gain ultimate power. Once, his father Yuga Khan came to stop the Darkseid from stealing the powers of old gods from another universe. But he was killed by his own son and became the NEW GOD.

He had many sons. One son became a brutal warrior of apokolips and another child from Amazon’s parallel universe was raised to destroy him.

Darkseid always gain his powers by stealing another God’s powers to make him very stronger, faster and intelligent.

The apokolips beings are God and all are immortals. For knock him out, Justice League uses combined power of all of the Multiverses’ Green. Only his brother Highfather is capable of defeat him because he also steals the powers from another Gods.

He has full understanding of universes law and how it is running. Hence he is seeking for anti-life equation which has the power of revived anything form nothing. He has a fire eyes to attack someone else to defend himself.

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