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cyborg dc comics facts

Upcoming Justice League 2017 now set to release in this November along with new superheroes like Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash. In the DCEU, Cyborg aka Victor Stone was a college athlete and football player. After his horrible accident, his Father Silas stone resurrect him with the help of Mother Box that crafted him with cybernetics. Then he became the super powerful hero named as Cyborg.

So it is a good time to write this article before the releasing of the movie. Also, his solo movie also set to appears in the future. It looks like DC comics’ universe now gave the importance to every character. Hence, Hero’s Facts have listed top 5 comics based facts about Cyborg which you need to know about


In the New Earth storyline, Victor was subjected as a test subject by his parents for various their intelligence enhancement projects. Once during his visit to STAR labs, one experiment cause to create an extra dimensional portal from which gelatinous monster crossed over an experiments room and killed Victor’s mother. But finally, his father manages to save his son by forcing the creatures back through the portal. In that event, Victor horribly gets heavily injured. Then his father outfitted him with the prostheses of his own design.

When entirely DC rebooted in 2011, he backstory changes little. In this universe, he is high school football player with incredible intelligence. Also, his scientist parents, subjected him to an experiment which boosts his intellect. During an explosion at STAR lab when Father Box detonated, Silas Stone saved Victor’s life by using technology to turn him into a superhero known as Cyborg. He injected him with nanites and installed several experimental robotic parts. All these enhancements to his body help Cyborg to fight crime, but still, he was not that happy with what his father had done to him.


Cyborg dc superhero

After becoming Cyborg, Victor possesses many enhancements that provide his superhuman strength, durability, and endurance. He also has the ability to hack or interface very complex computer systems. Thanks to his father, he has an infrared eye, computer generator, sound amplifier and special programming adapters that allow Victor to interface with another body extension.

This is not enough, he can also reshape his body parts into various weapons and gadgets. So that he is ready for every situation that he is going to face. This includes laser finger, telescopic eyepiece, sonic disruptor, electric shockers, grappling, hooks, etc.


Batman, Superman, Robin, Cyborg

In the new 52, he was a prominent member of the Justice League, when Batman wasn’t around the team, he takes the charge of him on various occasion. In the Teen Titans also he has been a leader many times. He is a well-respected member of the Teen Titans team. Not only he takes the leadership of the team, but also like a true leader, he grows in strengths and skill which helps him cementing his place at the head of the team.

Because of his intellectual ability and former star football player makes him the worthy team player who lead those around him.


Cyborg and Flash

Over the period of time, Cyborg seems in various form and various bodies. But one of the iconic Cyborg is from the Flashpoint timeline. This timeline created by Barry Allen who travels backs in time and saves his mother. In that universe, Cyborg was seen as America’s most iconic hero. He also works for the government for the investigation of other Metahumans within the universe.


Cyborg vs Grid

Because of his weird body structure, the world around him made have him feel insecure. Hence by overcoming this, Cyborg has been a role model for self-reflection and self-acceptance. In the Teen Titans comic book, Cyborg trying to help his mind to adjust with his appearance. But the special handicap children see him as a role model and hero because he has the same type of handicap as they do. That inspiration gave him the desired for so long. This proves that. No matter what you are in a situation or in the problem, there always a solution to overcome it.

So, these are the comics based facts which you didn’t know but necessary to understand his hard life before we actually see him in live action DCEU Justice League movie.

Besides these facts, if you know more, then share your views in the comment section.


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