Crisis on Earth-X New Poster featured Red Tornado & Metallo in the Arrowverse crossover

Crisis on Earth-X new poster featured Superheroes vs Supervillains
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Crisis on Earth-X would be the biggest crossover ever which is going to happen in this year and the only couple of days are remaining to air these two nights special episode that will feature CW’s four iconic superheroes TV series, i.e., Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Fans got hyped when Crisis on Earth-X’s first poster revealed. The very first poster featured the evil doppelgangers of Barry Allen and Kara-El. The remaining villains such as Prometheus-X and Earth-X’s Green Arrow’s identity still unknown.

Before the actual airing of epic crossover, the CW has release Crisis on Earth-X’s brand new awesome poster expose Marvel’s version of Civil War. In this poster, there is an addition of two new DC character named as Red Tornado and Metallo. Both characters previously appeared in the Supergirl and both having been defeated by the Girl of Steel.

Here, take a look at Arrowverse’s Crossover New Poster:

But here things are very different. In this crossover, Red Tornado and Metallo seem to be from Earth-X, a parallel universe where Nazis won the World War II. These alternate version of new characters are joined by Overgirl, Reverse Flash, Prometheus-X and evil Green Arrow.

Who is Red Tornado and Metallo???

Red Tornado and Metallo DC comics character
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Both of them have been defeated by Supergirl in previous episodes. In the comics Metallo is an invulnerable cyborg with superhuman strength who uses is Kryptonite power source against Superman thus makes him a dangerous enemy.

And Red Tornado is an android created by the Supervillain T.O. Morrow to infiltrate the Justice Society of America. The android has since become a noble superhero and member of the Justice League. But in this crossover, he appears as a villain but CW fans know that eventually, he will become a Freedom Fighter alongside the well-known superhero The Ray. But the question is how and when???

The Ray (Russell Tovey) will make his very live-action debut in the Crisis on Earth-X and after that, he will be the voicing actor for the CW Seed’s animated series ‘Freedom Fighter: The Ray‘. The other heroes also include Phantom Lady and Black Condor. This crossover would be the perfect base story which set up the future event for the CW Seed’s animated series.

Upcoming Arrowverse will release across two nights beginning with Supergirl and Arrow on Monday, November 28 and will conclude on Tuesday with the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.


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