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Marvel Studio logo Movies In Order

Every Marvel Movies In Order Which You Need To Know

25th July 2018

Thanks to Stan Lee, Marvel comics‘ pages step into animated series and hence into live-action movies. However, some of the fans want to know every Marvel movies in order and which film they should pick first. Although Marvel company started its journey from 1939 as Timely Publications, it’s branding finally began in 1961. In the […]

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Goku vs Superman who would win fight

Goku Vs Superman: Who Would Win In A Fight! Detail Explanation

18th July 2018

Superman Vs. Goku is a long-running and unstoppable debate as anime character’s fan follower rising day by day. In case of Superman, he is already known to be the most influential superhero from DC comic. Hence fans want to see the trust who would win if the fight together. Since comics’ and anime’s strongest superheroes […]

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Reason why DC movies fails and Marvel doesn’t

24th February 2018

Ever since Marvel had expanded their cinematic universe, the industry becomes more and more successful. Unlike DC movies, MCU development each and every character thoroughly along with an interesting storyline.But in case of DC movies, it didn’t go well. There is a one person who knew how both industries’ work and also knows the comic […]

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upcoming dc movies list

New Upcoming DC Movies list from 2017 to 2020 Smackdown!

23rd February 2018

DC universe seems to be falling apart because of failure of Justice League in the Box Office. But that does not mean Warner Bros will just stop making unique and amazing movies like they did with Wonder Wonder. Nowadays, common fans of Marvel and DC are looking towards to explore DC’s cinematic universe after seeing Marvel’s […]

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Animaniacs Yakko, Wakko, and Dot

Animaniacs Reboot’s 2-season run starting in 2020 at Hulu

5th January 2018

Animaniacs’s Yakko, Wakko, and Dot will be returning to the modern time’s children to entertain them even more once again. Recently, American subscription video serviced which is owned by Hulu just ordered reboots of Animaniacs with two-season straight-to-series. Original series’s executive producer-Steven Spielberg also returning for its premiere in 2020. As per the report […]

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Joe Manganiello as DC villain as Deathstroke

How Joe Manganiello’s Live Action Deathstroke will look like

26th November 2017

It has been known at this point to all DC comics fans that Joe Manganiello will be seen as DCEU’s new villain Deathstroke. Thanks to Justice League’s final post-credit scene, we witness how he agreed to work for Lex Luthor to the establishment of his own Injustice League. Despite the fact that Justice League fails […]

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Jon Snow in the battle standing in front of enemies

HBO hackers have promised that more leaks are coming soon

4th August 2017

Have you ever heard about hacking the most securable network??? Recently one of the popular and very secure HBO network in which various series episodes and scripts were leaks by the hackers. The security company who hired by HBO network investigate through this and has told Google that the hackers stole ‘thousands of Home Box […]

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