Captain Marvel Could Move Planet According to Brie Larson

as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Infinity War trailer

Marvel’s president Kevin Feige previously announced that upcoming MCU superhero, Captain Marvel would be most robust among all the heroes.

In addition to that, Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson also said she has the powers to move a whole planet.

“She’s so strong, she can move planets! So, to me, it’s like how far can I go with this strength?”

So it looks who DC’s Superman here is.

In Marvel comics also, Carol Danvers was one of the most active characters ever. Hence it would be interesting to see her strength that could surpass Thor’s one.

The predicament of Avengers: Infinity War in which half of the MCU suffer their deaths because of Thanos’s snap of the finger. In the last moment, Nick Fury manages to send a signal to Carol.

Hence from this point of view, it seems that Captain Marvel will have more importance in the movie and would be the essential character to solve the mystery of erased people.

Captain Marvel is set to release in next years March 06, 2019



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