Captain Marvel Hindi Trailer 2 Released | Review

captain marvel official trailer in hindi

Strongest Marvel Character revealed in the latest Captain Marvel trailer, which also released in Hindi format. It seems that what Kevin Feige said about Brie Larson’s character being most powerful MCU superhero to be true.

Unlike the first full-length trailer, this new video explores the Alien race Skrull. The most important thing in the trailer is the Kree-Skrull War, a famous event which occurred in Captain Marvel comic issues.

As the trailer proceeds towards its end, the visual graphics surprises fans when Brie Larson is battling while flying across space. Captain Marvel blasting off energy beams much like her comic counterpart in a most accurate way. Thus proving the actress is becoming a perfect vessel for a superheroine.


Sets in the 1990s, above trailer of Captain Marvel, also shows de-age Nick Fury team up with Carol. The film does include the galactic war between two alien races, Kree and Skrull. And meanwhile, it seems that Carol remembers her prime days when she was on earth.

Captain Marvel is set to release in next years March 06, 2019

Source: Marvel India

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