Captain America’s last MCU movie revealed

Chriis Evans as Steve Rogers
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Captain America actor Chris Evans has no planned in Marvel Cinematic Universe after next year. Hence his probably last MCU movie is untitled Avengers 4.

In a very recent interview with The New York Times, Chris clarified that his contract has come to an end and he has no plans to return back to the Marvel Studio until and unless Russo Brothers extend his contract.

He said,

You want to get off the train before they push you off.

However, it is expected that his last reshoots for the Avengers 4 in the fall would mark the end of his character as Steve Rogers but probably not as Captain America.

We die-hard Marvel comic fans know that over a 77’s years journey as Captain America, the character had died so many time and again revive by its comic writer.

There were so many superheroes who had taken the mantle of Captain America in the absence of Steve Rogers and the best example is Bucky aka the Winter Soldier.

Another suitable MCU superhero also fits taking the role of Captain America and his name is Sam Wilson aka Falcon.

Meanwhile, over the internet, fan theories that if Steve Rogers is the one who is going to die in the upcoming Infinity two-part movie, then either of the two characters would follow his name further.

In February, Thor’s actor Chris Hemsworth also declared that he will not return after Avengers 4 unless good storyline. Hence, it looks like many of the original Avengers cast retiring.

But Chris Evan is the first actor who 100% confirms he’s planning on leaving the franchise.

Steve Rogers as Captain America
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Evan first appeared in the Captain America: the first Avengers. Since then he has appeared in every MCU movie. What makes his a worthy superhero is his true heart and his own principles.

In the Civil War, the team broke into two parts which lead Steve Rogers to abandon the name of Captain America and his country.

He was last seen in T’Chall’s mansion along with his friend Bucky in Wakanda. But he promises that whenever there is need of him, he will be there to protect earth from the evil.

Avengers: Infinity War will release worldwide on April 27, 2018


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