Captain America (1990) | Marvel Movie

Captain America (1990)

Captain America

Genres: Action | Fantasy | Si-Fi | Comics Base

Release date: 5 October 1986

Rating: PG-13

Language: English


Red Skull bind Steve Rogers to the missile as it is about to launch during WW II. Being frozen in the ice for around 70 years, he saved by the Researchers and due to his superhuman ability, he seeks to protect the America from the evil guys called by Captain America.

Full Cast Members

Matt Salinger
Ronny Cox
Ned Beatty
Darren McGavin
Michael Nouri
Scott Paulin
Kim Gillingham
Melinda Dillon
Bill Mumy
Francesca Neri

Written By: Joe Simon, Stephen Tolkin, Jack Kirby, Lawrence Block, Stephen Tolkin

Director: Albert Pyun


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