Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 90 & 91 Synopsis Revealed

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations unveiled next two episodes 90 & 91 brief synopses through Weekly Shonen Jump preview as well as Animedia magazine..

The below spoilers tells that Mitsuki’s total betrayal against Hidden Stone village. It seem that Orochimaru’s son still has loyalty to Hidden Leaf and only sought to find out his real will. Point to be noted that if Boruto is his ‘Sun,’ then why would he do such a thing?

But on the other hand, by doing this, Mitsuki’s newly Fabrication friend Sekiei fill with full of rage and fight to take Mitsuki’s heart by force.

Check out the spoiler news for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 90 & 91:


sekiei Hidden stone village Fabrication

Boruto Episode 90 will explore Mitsuki’s clash against his new friend Sekiei who gets disappointed by Mitsuki’s behavior.

The synopsis also said that Sekiei would attack Mitsuki for double-crossing them. As a friend, Orochimaru’s son does not want to attack Sekiei. So where this fight will take us when Boruto-Sarada persuing wounded Kuu to stop his evil plan.

Mitsuki Disappearance arc is more Boruto and less Mitsuki. Obviously, the series is all about Boruto. But sadly enough it didn’t pick up to the mark expectation as that of original Naruto series.


Episode#90 Preview


Ohnoki boruto naruto next generations

Boruto episode 89 shows swift fight between two eyes’ users who have amazing skills to put anyone in thei gengetsu. To stop interruption from implanting Hidden Stone’s Shinobi heart into Fabrication, Kirara confronts Sarada-Boruto.

The female fabrication puts Konoha Genins under her gengetsu where members of Team 7 force to fight each other. But astonishingly, Sarada quickly analyzes the situation and counter the gengetsu to release it.

Meanwhile, former Tsuchikage Ohnoki realized his mistake for the creation of Kuu and Akuta army who have their own will to live beyond human life.

The second part of Episode 89 exhibits Boruto-Sarada successfully reach Kuu where Mitsuki handed Shinobi’s heart over Kuu. But surprisingly Mitsuki attacks him from his blind spot explaining his true will behind his actions.

On the other hand, captain of Team 7 Konohamaru destroyed the underground place where all Akuta army produces — thus failing Ohnoki’s final phase of the plan. Also, long missing character Fourth Tsuchikage, Kurotsuchi free all the village hostages and Hidden Stone Shinobi.

To sum up, all things are convergers towards the end of Mitsuki Disappearance Arc. The next Boruto episode 90 will show the battle between Mitsuki and Sekiei. So stay tune up and find out the conclusion of this battle.

‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ will air its next episode on Jan 20, 2019.

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  1. Only Shikadai acting like his father. All characters’ making approach is going to be wrong. Hope this arc will end soon and gets Naruto Shinden arc. Waiting for it more than last episode of mitsuki disappearance arc.

  2. Boruto screw all the things. Better not to do same things here. And why Konohamaru is not acting. He is now jonin. What a rubbish…


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