Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 31 Synopsis teases Boruto Vs Kagura’s fight!

Kagura in the Boruto episode 31

Episode 30th of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations tell us how Sarada pushed herself while fighting with Buntan and how she developed her Sharingan eyes even further.

Sarada has defeated Buntan by tricking her into the mist with genjutsu but excessive use of Sharingan makes her feel exhausted and she collapses into the ground.

One unexpected character, Iwabee also joined the war which makes the winning side towards Boruto. However, Kagura decline Boruto’s request to free himself from Shizuma’s orders and chose to fight with him instead. There is two synopsis of episode 31 which reveals Boruto Vs Kagura’s fight.

Here is Boruto: Naruto Next Generations upcoming episode’s Synopsis:


The above synopsis hints that Kagura does not want to accept Boruto’s request. It is an obvious thing that Boruto is nothing as compared to Kagura’s battle skill because he is one of the strongest swordsmen of the Mist Village.

Unless Boruto awakens his mysterious eyes powers Kagura can’t be defeated. In this episode, Boruto will use his mystery eyes powers again. This means that Boruto will see Kagura’s each and every attack thoroughly and probably would find out his weak point.The above preview image is enough to guess that this episode is about to get wild.

And the arrival of a certain person is no other than Boruto’s friend, Mitsuki who has a scroll given by Suigetsu which he believes it will help to save Boruto. From the following Weekly Shonen Jump preview you will understand how the episode is going to be.

Another synopsis hints that scroll contains the valuable information about the Rebellion

The synopsis doesn’t reveal anything about the scroll’s secret information but one thing is sure whatever in it, it must be powerful enough to settle down the fiery situation.

SchooL Trip Acr  is the third arc of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. It covers episodes 25 onwards and is preceded by the Sarada Uchiha Arc.

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