10 Best Female Anime Characters Of All Time

best female anime characters of all time tsunade senju

We know the best female anime characters of all time because they truly deserve it.

The anime world is so exciting, and these female characters add their excellence in a much better way.

Do you know our No.1 listed best female Character?

Find out below.

Here are 10 Best Female Anime Characters Of All Time.


ochako uraraka as Gravity

Ochaco Ochako is a prominent character of My Hero Academia who developed herself in a much better way,

Student of Class 1-A at U.A. High School, Ochaco aka Uravity vowed to become Pro-Hero after seeing Deku’s admiration to become No.1 Pro-Hero of My Hero Academia society.

At first, she said to “the most laidback girl”. But when she went toe-to-toe against one of the strongest MHA characters, Bakugo, she surpassed her limits and proved herself to be a potentially evolving character.

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raphtalia female anime character

Raphtalia is one of the charming and potential sidekicks of the Rising of Shield Hero.

One of three helping hands of Sheild Hero, Raphtalia is a Demi-God who swore to protect Naofumi at any cost.

In a couple of episodes, she becomes one of the best female anime characters of all time due to her significant changes in quick time.

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winry rockbell

Winry Rockbell was an essential asset for the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

She was a very close friend and future wife of Edward Elric.

She was not only an amateur surgeon but also experts in mechanical fields.

When Edward made a mistake during alchemy process to bring to mother back, he’s limbs get cut off.

Hence Winry made full steel automail prosthetics that help him in his crusade to find philosopher stone.

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makise kurisu steins gate

Fans never thought anime character from the Game ‘Steins;Gate‘  would make a long-lasting impression on them.

Kurisu Makise was a prodigy scientist who helped Okabe Rintarou to invent the real-time “Time Machine.”

When things went wrong with Okabe, the Mad Scientist traveled many times through the time to save his friend. And every time Kurisu there to help Okabe.

In Okabe’s crusade to save a life from World War III, Kurisu was ready to sacrifice her life. However, Mad Scientist never gave up and found a solution to protect both and brought her back in his life.

During this journey, Kurisu shows significant love towards Okabe as he was the type of person who follows his guts.

Undoubtedly if it weren’t for Okabe, Kurisu wouldn’t be one of the best female anime characters of all time.

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nina fortner

Anna Liebert is one of the famous anime characters in Monster who help Doctor Tenma find the villain.

Anna aka Nina Fortner is the twin sister of Johan Liebert aka titular protagonists of the series.

As a child, she was a shy girl. However, when her twin brother Johan kill their foster parents, Nina sought to kill him at any cost.

She is not only a beautiful grown-up but also an academically skilled person. Furthermore, her journey to lead her to become an expert in hand-to-hand combat and an expert in gun shooting.

Though, the Monster series doesn’t have many action sequences and high suspense, its every character journey that lead Nina to become the best female Anime character of all time.


emma the promised neverland anime

Emma is one of three antagonists of “The Promised Neverland.”

She is the one who carried out Norman’s mission to rescue all the kids from getting eaten.

If it wasn’t for Emma, the situation couldn’t have changed a bit even after Normal killed off by Demons.

Emma seems little child but holds exceptional physical attributes that outrank any of the orphans present in the Grace Field house.

Over years of training, Emma’s athleticism helps her to gain incredible reflexes that aid in her crusade to save every orphan.

She was top three children present in the Grace Field house. And in the quickest time, Emma becomes fan-favorite and best female anime character of all time.

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riza hawkeye fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is undoubtedly one of the best female anime characters of all time due to mindblowing performance.

She was the Amestrian State Military’s officer as well as Colonel Roy Mustang’s bodyguard.

Hawkeye shows courteous attitude on various occasion.

She was a perfect soldier.

Thus holds extreme expertise in firearms as well as sharpshooting guns.

The name itself revealed that she never misses her targets as she famous for Hawk’s Eye” of the Ishval Civil War.

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Sakura became not only Konoha’s strongest Shinobi but also Hokage level Ninja who surpassed the Fifth Hokage.

As a genin, Sakura did not possess any incredible abilities but had the intelligence to grasp them.

Over a time, Sakura received medical education from the Fifth Hokage, one of the strongest Sannins.

Tsunade made Sakura her apprentice and taught her not only medical skills but also extraordinary fighting skills.

Sakura also learned how to holds an immense amount of chakra to perform Strength of a Hundred Seal.

Sakura’s chakra control is so precise that she could destroy any buildings or upend the Earth.

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mikasa ackerman

When it comes to protecting Eren Yeager, one of the strongest Attack on Titan Character, Mikasa willing to sacrifice herself at all cost.

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the few assets that hold the title of Humanity’s strongest soldiers.

She is not just a beautiful lady but also possesses enormous offensives abilities.

As a member of the Ackerman clan, Mikasa holds latent power that has the physical forces as that of Titans.

After joining the 104th Survey Corps, Mikasa focused on Eren so that no one could harm him.

If it weren’t for Eren’s inspiring words, Mikasa would never be the girl what she is now. Undoubtedly, the hot-tempered girl is the best female anime characters of all time.

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tsunade senju from naruto shippuden

Naruto franchise’s one of the strongest Shinobi, Tsunade Senju possesses many noble qualities.

Even in her sixties, Tsunade is as powerful as her prime time.

The fifth Hokage holds rare Ninjutsu technical that she developed on her own. Most of them were advantageous during the Fifth Great Ninja War.

Furthermore, Lady Hokage has a handful of Medical Ninjutsu beyond any skillful Shinobi existed as she called to be the world’s most famous medical-nin.

Tsunade’s enormous Chakra reservoir allows her to maintain her prime look, do rapid healings even without performing any sealing Jutsu.

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biscuit krueger hunter x hunter

Biscuit Krueger is one of prominent anime character who shaped Gon, an antagonist of “Hunter X Hunter” to solve Ging’s mystery.

Though Biscuit aka Bisky looks like a small child in a doll dress, the old lady is a macho woman with massive muscular body.

As a pro Hunter, Bisky skilled in every aspect of fighting skills, including Nen. In a short amount of time, old lady trained Gon and Killua to the point that both kids reached a strength level as that of top-notch Pro-Hunters.

Sadly enough, the Hunter X Hunter failed to continue due to incompletion of the manga series. However, fans still remember her as the best female anime character who responds to pace the story.

It is our list of best female anime characters of all time.

Do we miss someone? Let us know in the comment section below.

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