8 Best Anime Shows To Watch Ranked!

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Welcome Anime Lovers!!! If you are here to find out which anime series you have to watch first then you are at the right place.

In the anime and manga world, everyone including me sometimes gets frustrated what to see first. Even if I particularly preferred to watch selected animes, would it be satisfying?

Anime is a place where you can get to see all types of heroes, villains, actions, adventure, thriller, crime, etc. More interestingly the type of anime world that Japan has made, even adults are loving it while watching.

However, in Japan, there are numbers of animes out there and newly born anime fans always seek to find out which is the best anime should they pick first.

Hence according to Hero’s Facts team and their experience of watching animes throughout the year, here are top 7 Best Anime Shows ever to watch Ranked!


Ryuk Light Yagami and L in Death Note anime

Death Note is a type of anime show that everyone should watch it once whether you fond of anime or not. It came out in 2006 in Japan and since then its popularity has soared on both sides of the ocean. If you didn’t watch it until now, then it’s the best time to see all the 37 episodes right now.

Death Note is touted as being a psychological thriller show which features a high school genius, Light Yagami who uses Death Note book to wipe out the entire criminals from the world.

Light Yagami’s character is not like a heroic or as an antagonist. He simply wants to eliminate all the bad things happening in his city.

But if there is a crime, then investigation story must be there. So there is L character, the world’s greatest detective who wants to find out the person behind it.

So this series is like a cat and mouse game between Light and L. Every second of the episodes is heart beating and full of intense. So this would be the nice anime to pick up to watch.


Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood best anime show

If you want long running but adventurous storyline anime show, then this is the only show ever.

In the history of anime, there is two version of this series. One is Fullmetal Alchemist and the second one is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

It’s the flawless series from beginning to end in 64 episodes and it does include the characters in such cohesive and paced manner that by the end when you hit episode 64 you will just feel like this was the really great movie.

If I talked about the animation, it is top-notch in the final battle epic scene.

The main focus of the series is its remarkable villains. These villains are nothing but Homunculus which are highly advanced artificial hominoid beings.

The good thing about the series is that they give us the message through this anime. It is good for humans to be humble. The show touches human nature’ complex question and tries to elaborate it simply.

So it’s a complete package anime series you must watch it.


One Piece best anime series

The animators, TOEI Animation who created Dragon Ball Z/Super creates the One Piece series.

As anime itself is for all ages of people especially one piece which has a lot of action, comedy, heroic and epic scenes. One of the main characters in the series is Monkey D. Luffy who is brave and very strong. No matter what difficult challenges is there, he never gives up.

His character mostly resembles Goku. Because like him, Luffy always finds ways to win.

The anime is based on Pirates whose sole mission is to find world greatest treasure which is left by the legendary pirate Gol D Roger.

So if you want the adventurous story of finding treasure along with some super action sequence, then this is the only series which can fulfill your wishes.


Dragon Ball Super official poster
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Don’t say, almost every kid and even grown-ups in the entire world are a fan of Goku and his Dragon Ball series.

Dragon Ball’ father Akira Toriyama who wrote a brilliant manga series started this anime back in 80’s in Japan. And after over a decade when it gets dubbed and telecast in America, series gets massive popularity and stands in a good response.

The series focuses on Goku who trains to become stronger and his adventurous journey which features his battle with many inter galactic villains who try to conquer the Planet Earth.

What makes any TV shows great??? Its story and its characters. If the plotting is fresh and exciting and hypothetically if you care about the people involved with it then you can watch them just about anything. So that’s about Dragon Ball Z.

So in the Dragon Ball Super, the story starts where the storylines of Z ends. In this series, we get to see the god levels character who challenges another universe’s warriors to fight. This is ongoing anime series with improved animation and an outstanding addition to new characters.

If you want action + story + drama + excitation, then you should go with it.


Attack on Titan season 2 Armor titan and Mikasa
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Attack on Titan‘s reality sets in a fantasy world in which humanity has been driven to almost extinction.

The Titans arrived on this planet like 100 years ago whose sole purpose is to only devour the human beings of the planet. The invaders are giants like creature who murdered series protagonist Eren’ mother.

To revenge his mother’s death, he recruited his two childhood friends and did intense training for 3 years to fight against these giants Titans.

Overall the story of Titans runs on extremely long plot lines with masterfully pieced together with perfectly timed rage. Every last 30 seconds of episodes of Attack on Titans contains some sort of cliff-hanger which drives us to the next episode.

If I talked about characters, every character’s animation design is distinctly outlined. The series’ director Tetsuro Araki who direct Death Note is known for action sequences and through this anime show, he proves himself again.

In conclusion, the sound, animation, and character are all excellent. Every anime lover who wants everything in one anime, you will find it in Attack on Titans.


Saitama and Genos in One punch man

One of the shortest series in the anime history which includes only 12 episodes. Typically, One Punch Man is a story of how salary worked man turns into the world’s greatest superhero by just serious hard training.

He can do anything that we could only imagine Like he can defeat his enemy by just one punch. No matter how big enemy is there.

The series highlights Saitama who is the main antagonist of the show with his cyborg disciple Genos. Basically, the show is all about how Saitama is saving the world and how he loves his city.

According to him, he is a superhero for fun and he wants other people to know about him. So it’s a perfect anime for kids who want or at least dreamed of becoming a superhero.

I am not going through any kind of spoilers things, but the story the of One Punch Man is great and animations are also good. You cannot point out any mistake in this series.

You might think if he wins by only just one punch then what is this series. All the Marvel and DC superhero came together to fight their super villains.

But that’s the interesting thing you will find about the anime. Then don’t read further and go and watch the One Punch Man.


Lelouch in Code Geass
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If you have already watched the Death Note series and wants to watch similar kind of thriller anime series, then Code Geass would be a good choice.

The anime features Empire of Britannia who gains control of one-third of the world including Japan. Now our hero comes here, Lelouch, a young Britannia who sworn to destroy Empire of Britannia to make a better world for his blind sister and also seeks to find out who murdered his mother.

The series is all about the rebellion against the Empire of Britannia. Now attraction of the series is Lelouch who has the eye powers called as Geass powers to control anyone when making eye contacts.

The animation is too good and you will find everything that you would expect in the anime.


In conclusion, these are the top anime shows you should pick first to watch if you are a newborn baby in the anime world.

Do comments in the below section and tell us other anime shows which can beat the above list.


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