5 Most Powerful ‘Ben 10’ Ultimate DNA Aliens

ben 10 ultimate alien strongest alien

The popularity of Ben 10 series increases massively when the new Ultimate Saga introduced. In this new season, the new Ultimatix gave us newly designed DNA aliens including their transformation into far more stronger and powerful forms.

But this arc is shown for a short period of time on the television and we are eagerly waiting to see it again.

So that in this article, I am going to discuss top 5 most powerful and strongest Ultimate Alien forms that the TV series had rarely shown us.

Here are top 5 most powerful and strongest ‘Ben 10’ Ultimate DNA Aliens which you need to know.


Ben 10 Ultimate Heatblast
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Heatblast-is the very first alien form that Ben has ever used when he first found out the watch. Ultimate Heatblast first appeared in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien movie. When two unknown vampires attacked Ben’s school, he transforms into the Heatblast. Unable to defeat them, Ben tries to transform into the Ultimate Heatblast but actually becomes half Ultimate Heatblast due to the intervention of Vampires.

The Ultimate Heatblast becomes white in this form and possess the same powers as that of normal form, but possess more powers than the before. His fires are now red instead of yellow and ten times stronger than the ordinary one.

He can also telepathically control the fires or lava that comes from the volcanoes and uses it to lash out his opponent. The water doesn’t seem to weaken him when vampires throw the water on him, he just shook it off and again blast into his normal form without affecting his powers.


Ultimate Ghostfreak
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In Ben 10: Omnitrix, Ghostfreak already proves his dismay when he came out from the Omnitrix and supervillain a supervillain. The Ultimate Ghostfreak first develops in the Ben 10: Star Command Files and also in Noah 10.

After transforming into the ultimate version, he still controls the same supernatural abilities of regular Ghostfreak besides having new other powers. He can create wind current using his long, deadly tail, which can transmit the volts of electricity into its foe.

In this form also, he can take control of anybody. But in this Ultimate form, his powers and abilities are a lot stronger than before.


Ultimate Way Big from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
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Way Big is one of the biggest alien that Ben has ever used. By transforming, the appearance of the Way Big completely changes. His size gets increased three times bigger than its normal form.

Ultimate Way Big is much stronger than his normal form and in this version, he can actually fly. His cosmic energy blast also gets increases. Using this energy he can create energy disc, which can cut anything when it touches it.

This form first debuts in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien-The Ultimate Enemy Part 2, when Diagon invades the earth, but apparently he was defeated by the acid rain that Diagon has created. But still, when it’s hero time, it would be the nice alien form for Ben to prove himself as the strongest superhero in the universe.


Ultimate Ben 10000 transformation
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This is not any type alien form, this is Ben 10000’s Ultimate form. In this form, his appearance remains same; but Ultimatrix sets on his chest. Using this form, Ben can actually use his DNA alien powers without transforming into it.

He can use any form just by pronouncing the name that he wishes. Just by pressing the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest, he can access those powers. Whether the alien is Way Big or Humungousaur, Ben’s size remains same. Ben only possesses their superpowers and abilities, not forms.


Ultimate Alien X
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In the Ben 10: Alien Force, when Ben used Alien X transformation, he realizes that it is the most powerful alien form in the universe who can actually alter the space and time continuity as he wishes.

But in this traditional form he only capable use this form for a short period of time because of Serene and Bellicus who takes control over his body. Alien X is made up of two personalities. The one is Serene who is enthusiastic about love and Bellicus who is an angry and aggressive dude.

But Ben can overcome this problem by transforming into Ultimate Alien X form. It first arrives in the Noah 10 series. He is the evolved Celestialsapien species who lived in the Forge of Creation.

The ordinary form has black color with a few stars on his body, but in Ultimate form, his body covered with white in color with a star like a pattern on his body.

In this version, Serene and Bellicus can’t hold him back, hence he can fully utilize his potential powers to the fullest extent. In this form, Ben could become nearly omnipotent. If I speak about his weakness, he receives nothing. Still, its power limits are unknown.

In conclusion, Ultimate Alien X and Ultimate Ben are the most powerful characters in the whole Ben 10 history.

Still if you aware of any other Ultimate forms that could beat this Omni-potent transformation, then share your incredible knowledge with us.

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