Ben 10 : 5 Most Powerful DNA Aliens forms in Omnitrix

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One my favourite childhood series after dragon ball z is none other than the Ben 10. Yes the adventure of Ben Tennyson with his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max. He uses his power through Omnitrix watch in which there are various powerful DNA alien races are included created for protagonist uses.

Although there are 10000 aliens in which below are the Ben 10’s top 5 most powerful DNA aliens


When it comes to firing powers, then there is only one powerful alien-Heatblast. When Ben going for trip with his Cousin and Grandpa, at night there was asteroid strikes down the earth. When Ben approaches towards it, the unknown watch name as omnitrix sticks to his hand enable him to form any type of alien. The first alien he used was The Heatblast. Originally Heatblast is from Pronate race from the star Pyros. He is living fire or magma on his body which enables him to give him the power of fire. As his whole is fire covered, he radiates extremely high amount of heat. Whenever he touches anything either burns or melts.

He is Ben’s very first transformation accidently activated when Ben forcefully trying to remove it. But he has one weakness; whenever Ben catches cold, Heatblast powers turn into cold and ice powers.

2. XLR8

The second most powerful not exactly in strength but XLR8 moves very fast. He is from Kineceleran species from Kinet planet. This species have blue faces and skin. Because of having wheel to their feet, it enables them to travel quickly. Xlr8 having ability to move with the speed of 500 miles per hour. Like dc comics flash, he can also generated tornadoes.

Azmuth puts the DNA sample of Kineceleran species in the Omnitrix watch in which Ben use for the transformation. This alien has ability to think of a millions things in few seconds and as very fast reflexes allowing him to dodge quickly. He has high healing powers. Unlike having fast powers, we have seen him not able to move in the icy surface and also having trouble stopping.


When it comes to strong physical strength, then only one name came i.e., none other than our favourite Four Arms. His origin is from Khoros planet of strength oriented species. According to Azmuth’s father, the Pyramid of Egypt was created by them. Azmuth puts that species DNA also to enable Ben to use his powers.

Four Arms is Ben’ favorite and most powerful alien utilizing four big arms to defeat bad aliens. Like hulk, he can create shock waves by clapping all four hands together. His big legs allow him to cross across city by jumping like Hulk. Ben uses this transformation in the fight with Dr. Animo in Washington B.C. but like other aliens, he also has some weakness. Due to his bulky weight makes him slower in the fights. Also under the effects of cold situation, his strength and powers significantly reduces much more.


In the Omnitrix series, Cannonbolt is the very first new alien which replaces Grostfreak. He is originally created for the destruction purpose on the planet Arburia. He has strength and bullet proof armour which covers his shoulder, back and legs. He uses his power by rolling on the surface by transforming into the cannon ball as a sphere.

He is also Ben’s one of the favourite alien when it comes to clear a path with full rocks. When Gwen used this DNA alien, she appears as a pink eyes and having cat symbol on the chest. After becoming cannon ball, his speed increases tremendously enables him to create more damage to the opponent. Having strong reflexes, his reaction time is very fast allowing him to quickly change his shape. He has also ability to cover 2-3 people while rolling. As we seen in the series, his shell is also acid proof and lava resistant. Like XLR8, he has not controlled the speed when he attain much more speed because of his bulky weight and short legs.


Although Stinkfly is one of the type of species is a bird form but this species having combination of wasp, dragonfly and spider allowing him to enable to fly high with more speed and mobility. This alien has four eyes which enables Ben to give wide range of 360 vision. He can also drain out poisonous toxic acid from his mouth which cause more damage to the opponent.

By transforming into Stinkfly Ben also gains more strength which can lift up to the 1-2 tons of weights. When it comes to the weak point, water is the main issue for him cause water can slow down his speed with wet wings.

What do you think? Are there any more powerful Aliens in Ben 10 series who can beat the above top 5?

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  1. Fourarms should be in the 1st position and heatblast is not the strongest alien he should be in 3th position

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