Ben 10: Facts About Kid Superhero Which Must Know

Ben 10 facts All the DNA aliens from the original series

When you heard ‘Its hero time!’ there is only one name pops up in our mind, Yeah, it’s Ben 10. Seriously, this dude is fantastic with his awesome Alien transformation. Since the beginning of the original Ben 10, series gets massive popularity among the kids eventually becoming their favourite one.

Besides series, there are tons of other things or Facts about Ben 10 which I have listed in this article. Some of them are familiar to you but I am sure most of the kids don’t know in details about him. Hence Hero’s Facts has dug up the history of Ben 10 and gather all the informative facts about him.

Here are 50 Facts Ben 10 which you need to know about

1. Ben 10 is created by Man of Action studio and by its writers Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle.

Ben 10 writers Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle

2. Man of Action Studio not also created Ben 10 Cartoon Network series but also created Generator Rex and its executive producer shows Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.

3. The TV series originally named ’10 Ben’ when it was released on the channel Boomerang. But later was named to Ben 10 when the show was transferred to Cartoon Network.

4. If you watch the show carefully, every time the first alien used in each Omnitrix by Ben was a fire type DNA alien.

The very first alien he used was Heatblast, then a second time when he grew up in the Alien Force, he transforms into Swampfire. And in the Ultimatrix season, Ultimate Swampfire is the one that he went for.

Swampfire Ben 10 Alien Force DNA alien

5. Cannonbolt was the first Alien which replaces the Ghostfreak and was the first one to have Ultimate Form from the original series.

Cannonbolt in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

6. Benjamin Tennyson is not the only one who used the Omnitrix watch. Just before Ben 10, No Watch Ben used it first by transferring into Grey Matter, Cannonbolt, and Armodrillo.

7. Back in the History of the Ben 10 comic book, Ghostfreak is the very first DNA Alien that he had ever used.

Ghostfrreak Ben 10 first alien to escape

8. Ben 10: Omniverse season is the only series not to introduce the 4-Arms type DNA alien.

The very first season introduces Four Arms, Alien Force introduce Spider-Monkey, and Ultimate Alien brought AmpFibian.

9. Professor Paradox, the time traveling British immortal scientist was inspired from BBC’s Doctor Who series. It’s the Tenth Doctor in the series that Professor created from.

Professor Paradox in Ben 10

10. Ben 10’s full name is Benjamin Kirby Tennyson. And the middle name was inspired from Marvel’s comic book writer Jack Kirby. He had worked on his many projects along with Great Stan Lee.

11. In point 2, I have mentioned About Man of Actions other several series. Besides that, it also created the Big Hero 6 comic book which was later Marvel has produced its first CG animated film.

12. Like CW’s four TV series cross-over including Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow Ben 10 also did a crossover.

Once Ben traveled to another dimension during Ben 10: Ultimate Universe season to the universe where Generator Rex’s series roaming around in Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United.

Ben 10/Generator Rex Heroes United crossover episode

13. There were two live action movies Based on Ben 10 TV series. First one is Ben 10: Race Against Time that releases right after the ending of original series. And the second one is Ben 10: Alien Swarm that take place during the series of Alien Force.

14. One of the writer from Man of Action Studio, Joe Kelly created 33 issue of his first ongoing solo series of Deadpool comic book in 1997. But because of its unpopularity, he got tired and left the series.

Deadpool's first comic book issue by Joe Kelly

But now in 21st century 2016, Deadpool’s character gets massively popularity.

15. Originally when Ben received his watch Omnitrix, he was able to transform into a different version of himself from an alternate timeline. But the concept was later changes to aliens.

Different version of Ben 10

16. In Omnitrix’s watch and its various other successors, Master Control allows its users to unlock all the functions of Omnitrix like access to all aliens without time limit. One of the big advantages of Master Control is that the usage of DNA Alien transformation has no time limit.

ben 10's omnitrix and Azmuth

17. According to the writer McDuffie, Ben could have unlocked it via only his Voice Command. But as we have seen it in the’ War of the Works Part 1’, how Azmuth unlocks it by his voice command.

18. After unlocking Master Control, Ben could able to transform into various DNA aliens only by calling the aliens names. But Omnitrix only recognized the voice after unlocking it.

Omnitrix Ben's Watch

19. Originally Omnitrix was intended for Max which programmed considering his DNA. Because of his close genetic match, it allows Ben to use the Omnitrix.

Grandpa Max wearing Omnitrix

20. There is also another new Omnitrix called as ‘Ultimatrix: Recreated’ which is created by Albedo to stabilize his transformation. Because he couldn’t stay long enough in his alien transformation.

Recreated Ultimatrix by Azmuth

21. Albedo is an Azmuth’s former assistant who helps him to recreate the Omnitrix. But it turned himself into an imperfect clone of Ben Tennyson. Since then he has a great hatred and third for revenge from Ben.

Albedo, Azmuth's assistant

22. In the alternate universe, when Albedo used the Alien X transformation, like Ben he was also stuck motionless but unlike him, Albedo stuck for nearly a year.

23. Ben was not the first one who used the Waybig DNA alien. During Ken 10 episode which sets in future, son of adult Ben, Ken was the one who used this alien while fighting with Kevin 11,000. Later Ben transform into Waybig in the Secret of the Omnitrix Special episode.

Ben 10's DNA big alien transformation Waybig

24. When Ben gets infected by cold, after transformation his DNA aliens forms also get effects too. His first transformation alien Heatblast’s fire turns blue and replaces his ability to control fire to ice.

Ben 10's cold affected Heatblast

25. In the Ben 10: Omniverse series his voices sounded like Marvel’s Ghost Rider.


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