Batwoman & Gotham City Will Be Part of Next Arrowverse Crossover!

Arrowverse Crossover Batwoman

Since CW started Arrow series alongside the Flash, they continuously dropping Batman Easter Eggs. But this time Stephen Amell recently confirmed that Batwoman and Gotham City will be a major part of upcoming Arrowverse crossover.

Even if Bruce Wayne’s appearance is unconfirmed, next Arrowverse’s plan is ready according to Arrow actor.

During The CW’s Upfront presentation, Stephen revealed that CW is going to recruit Batwoman actress and will possibly be introduced in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover which would air in early December.

We will be doing another crossover event this fall on The CW [and] we will be introducing a new character. We will be fighting alongside Batwoman.

Although last years ‘Crisis on Earth-X‘ was a big budget crossover like last to last one’s ‘Invasion‘, this time the storyline would be very specific according to Stephen.

Despite being the fact that Batwoman is going to enter CW family, CW president drop one major confirmation to it,

“We’re adding the city of Gotham into the Arrowverse, another full-throttled action-packed event.

In season 6 of Arrow, Oliver Queen openly revealed about Bruce Wayne and Gotham City. This explains that he knows the identity of Batman and too soon, we will get to see the Dark Knight.

In the crossover, CW heroes will trip to Gotham City and there they will meet Batwoman (Katherine Kane).

Even tease art also designed for the next Arrowverse crossover which includes Red Bat-signal.

If that’s the case, then upcoming crossover would be so much anticipating than the last years one.

However, there is no word from CW about Batwoman’s casting actress but Arrow Season 6 just finished by introducing next season’s villain. So we have plenty of stuff on the plate.

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