5 Best Gadgets & Accessories Batman Had Ever Ever used

batman gadgets list

DC comics get popularity mainly because of Batman aka Bruce Wayne. His style of solving crime, his amazing detective skills and his best martial skills makes him living weapon. Even if he is human, he has many advance gadgets and accessories attached to his utility best. He always prepared for the worst situation.

During the fight with Superman, most of the time, Bruce beats Superman using his tactics and various weapons. He knows everyone’s weakness and according to that, he makes weapon particular if the situation get worse because of that Superhero to stop him. So below are the Top 5 deadly weapons and accessories that he had used.


If your friend becomes villain, then it will be the worst nightmare. For every situation, Batman spends his time to make gadgets which has every one of his fellow friends weakness. For Superman it is Kryptonite. In Batman V Superman, he used Kryptonite smoke to slow him down. But in comic’s version, he actually utilize this weapon to beat him. This happen when Poison Ivy controlled the Superman’s mind.


When it comes to using the simple bomb, it causes serious damage. But think of that when it comes to Bat-bomb, what it could be? It would be deadlier weapon ever has made. These tennis ball size bombs are powerful and portable which can easily fit on his utility belt.

As this type of bomb made by Bruce Wayne’s technology, he knew the danger of carrying such a deadly thing. In Batman Begins, he actually uses one to blow the wall or it can be used to blow up the locked door. Even it is bat bombs, Batman uses this on a low scale because of his not liking law. But think of it if he makes a big explosive out of it.


In original animated movie Dark Knight Return Part 2, old man Bruce used this Power Armor to match his power level with Superman. And inspired from this, in Batman vs Superman movie, he actually makes one. In movie, we all know how he punches in Superman’s faces using his armor. This armor not only provides him super strength powers, but also enhance the ability of Caped Crusader’s strength using integrated hydraulic exoframe. This armor reinforce with Bat’s classical Batsuit like Tony uses Hulk buster suit. He also upgrade his Kryptonite Gauntlet to done serious injury in quick time.


This is one of the weapon used rarely by him and most of the people unaware of it. Like in Star war movies, he actually made like that to injured bad guys instantly. It is short handle type device, when turning on it came out of nowhere.

In the cartoon series, The Batman: Brave and the Bold, this sword makes its first appearance through his gadgets. Over the 70 years, he prove himself having amazing martial skills especially one of the best swordsman ever. He also know
exactly how to use Blade. It is unsurprising that Batman uses such sword thing when the killer army of robots appears and he uses such thing from his utility belt to destroy all of them.


Despite these cool gadgets, none of them is dangerous and lethal when it comes to his own fist. Even without his firing projectile glove which moves quickly out of his hands, these tighten gadgets are enough to defeat most of the bad guys down as we see in the Dark Knight Return animated movie.

So when Batman’s gets out of his accessories, then Death is the only mercy by him when it comes to his fist. But thanks God for his not killing rule made him a real superhero of the Gotham.

Obviously there all other gadgets also, but these are the most important gadgets being used by him and always present in his utility belt.

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