Barry and Iris’s wedding photo leaks from the set of Crisis on Earth-X

Barry Allen Iris West Oliver Queen Felicity Smoak
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One and half month is remaining for the upcoming CW’s mega Arrowverse crossover entitle by ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ where Earth-1’s heroes will have to confront their evil counterparts. The attacker will come from the parallel Earth-X where Nazis won the Second World War.

Barry Allen and Iris West finally decided to marry with each other but sadly, our Allen-West couple picked the wrong timing for their wedding in this crossover. All the superheroes from their own TV series including Supergirl, the Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will gather to attend Barry/Iris’s wedding ceremony in the Central City.

Not so much known about Earth-X’s true purpose for destroying Barry’s life again. But now we have concept art of Dark Flash and one of the set photo of Overgirl while filming her scene. This hints we don’t have to underestimate upcoming threat no matter what how Flash will run fast or how Oliver is now mastered in his archery skill or how Supergirl is now fully understood her responsibility towards her powers.

Also, the leak set photo shows the Barry Allen (Grant Gustin)
and Iris West (Candice Patton) in their wedding dresses which means half of the shooting is already done. Here are some leak set photos from the ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ which shows all the gathered superhero characters at the wedding ceremony

Like Vixen, in this Crossover, a gay superhero, The Ray will make a live-action appearance, much before his most anticipated CW Seed’s animated series ‘Freedom Fighters: The Ray’. Russell Tovey will play the iconic character role and the same British actor will voice it in his animated avatar.

From the poster of Crisis on Earth-X, it seems that our superheroes i.e., Kara, Barry, and Oliver will have to stand against their own evil counterpart to protect the Central City and hence the world.

So what do you think guys??? Unlike previous years crossover in which each episode felt like their own superhero TV shows. But now this time showrunner Todd Helbing confirmed they will not make the same mistake again but rather that it will be collective 4 hours superhero movie from the start.


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