Avengers: Infinity War revealed Thanos’s real birth name

Old Thanos and Mad Titan from Thanos issue 14
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Nearly 4 months are remaining for Avengers: Infinity War to hit theatres and its hyped increasing day by day. To increase this excitement, even more, Marvel comics has done the incredible job by revealing the Mad Titan’s personal information that fans have been waiting for years.

Recently published Marvel’s Thanos #14 concluded the Thanos’s journey to the end of time to the moment of his complete victory…and he’s not happy with what he sees! Thanos’s actual birth name is no other than Dione.

Seems surprising??? But it’s a very hard truth to digest it. Such a scary and marvelous infamous villain has such a light weighted name, 80% of the fans refuse to accept that his name is Dione.

What happened in the Thanos #14???

Ghost Rider and Thanos fights in Thanos #14
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In the current issue also known as ‘Thanos Wins‘, Thanos eventually end up by facing with his future self, a King Thanos who is from the millions of years. Ghost Rider forcefully takes Mad Titan for millions of years into the future at the command of his master, an old Thanos, who had conquered.

King Thanos literally wiped out all of his enemies who were against him. But now he’s very lonely to conquer his Universe. Hence to make an alliance with someone who needs to be very powerful and possess the same mentality as that of him, he needs someone’s help.

When he confronts a present version of Thanos, King Thanos willing to do the one thing that our Thanos could never do in his life: Beg. Hence to make Thanos believe in himself, King Thanos has revealed a secret that only he knows i.e. his real birth name.

King Thanos from Thanos vol. 14
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When our Thanos met him, he started a fight with old Thanos because he thought he was nothing but a pretender. But the fight eventually stops when King Thanos confirmed his identity by speaking the actual Thanos’s name that his only mother- Sul-San was going to give him before she was going insane. The main purpose to bring Thanos to his timeline is that he had lost his death and needed help to find her.

In the Greek mythology, the meaning of Thanos is related to the name of the Greek god of death Thanatos. Similarly, Dione also has some mythological background. Dione was an ancient Greek goddess who also known by oracular Titaness, the mythological Dione was wife to Zeus and mother of Aphrodite. Meaning of Dione also derived from Dionysius, the Greek god of wine

Thanos #14 is available now.


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