Avengers: Infinity War praised by Guardians of the Galaxy’s director

James Gunn praised Avengers Infinity War as Incredible

MCU’s one of the talented director James Gunn recently saw a full cut of Avengers: Infinity War and he seemed to really enjoy it.

As MCU News and Tweets said,

James Gunn has a history of being very honest about his opinions to his fans. If he likes a film, he will praise it as he did right here with Avengers Infinity War. If he dislikes a movie, he won’t lie about liking it but rather stay silent and not say anything.

After watching a movie, James shared his opinions about Marvel’s upcoming movie which may hype our excitement even more. He said,

“Avengers Infinity War is INCREDIBLE. Wow!!!! And that’s all I’ll say for the time being.

Check out his recent twit below:

Previous Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Black Panther just rock the Box Office overseas. But now it looks like this year Infinity War would be the greatest movie all time with its 22 heroes and one biggest enemy yet.

New Poster of Avengers Infinity War
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Guardians of the Galaxy will play a major role against the crusade of Thanos’ battle. Hence to direct his team, James Gunn works as an executive producer for Infinity War and help Russo Brothers to properly sync them with the Avengers.

After completing film’s final version, James saw a full cut of Infinity War and just reacts ‘Wow’.

He is not the only one to witness the movie. Much before that Thanos’ actor Josh Brolin had seen 30 minutes of Infinity War and described it as ‘Amazing’.

Since MCU born from Iron Man to Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, in the 10 years’ journey, Marvel Studio just reach to a whole another level where their every upcoming film seem to be promising.

So what do you think guys? Do you think Avengers 3 will break all the know unknown records with its surprised twisted storyline? Do comments and share your reviews down below…

Avengers: Infinity War will release worldwide on April 27, 2018


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