Avengers Infinity War: Iron Man Armor Suit Upgrades and Details

Iron Man's suit in Avengers Infinity War set photo

Hello, Guy! You may aware of Avengers Infinity War coming out in the next year and its filming is already done and Russo Brothers have started working on their upcoming MCU movie Avengers 4.

During D23 Expo, Marvel has shared Infinity War’s footage along with movie’s cast members. And it received a hugely positive response. Some of the shooting photos of the film reveal our bad ass Thonas’s cartoon look and some of the heroes’ appearance.

The main attraction of the film is Iron Man’s and Spider-Man’s Infinity War suit and in this article, I am going to discuss Iron Man’s upgraded Armor suit that he will go to use in the war against Mad Titan.

The very first photo of Iron Man’s armor shows Gold outfitting around Tony Stark’s shoulder. And when second photo leaks, this gives its better appearance.

Iron Man's infinity war armor suit

Is this Tony’s new Iron Man Suit???

Yes definitely!!! Because you if compared both the photos, one from the Infinity War’s set photo and second from the Spider-Man: Homecoming, they are completely different.

In Homecoming, Tony has seen in the Iron Man Mark 47 suit. So it is possible that Tony has made his new upcoming suit in between Homecoming and Infinity War. So this will be his Mark 48.

This suit is more like a human anatomy structure like natural shoulder curvature having muscled Iron arms. It completely looks like humanoid Iron Suit rather than typically robot machine.

The different Arc Reactor…

Tony Stark with his arc reactor in his chest in Avengers Infinity War

If you look closer at the suit, Tony’s Arc reactor is completely changed now to a brand new shape round cornered triangle share. His earlier suits have either circular or triangular shape arc reactor.

So what is the reason behind it??? According to Nerdist, the in body arc reactor is back for some unknown reason. Tony has removed it after the Iron Man 3 to avoid his health related issues. In the set photo, Tony wears a bluish black shirt with his arc reactor in his chest. It looks like we got our past Tony Stark.


Another possibility is that it looks likes his comics version of Star Boost Mark 39. So there are a couple of version of space armor suits. But in the MCU I think it is just a natural evolution of his Mark 47 Iron Suit.

So what do you think guys??? Has Tony made his new marvelous suit like he did for Peter Parker in Homecoming?


Let’s share your views in the comment section.




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