Avengers: Infinity War adds main characters information

Wakanda War in Avengers Infinity War
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Avengers: Infinity War is a controversial subject for the Marvel fans and to avoid its any type of major spoilers, Marvel Studio decided to release the movie a week earlier than the previous worldwide release date.

Every day we got something from the Marvel Company about the movie and they keep telling us that the movie will not be like MCU’s previous movies.

In the last article, we break down all the characters’ first look from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. Recently, over a social media, Marvel released six characters’ information and tease us what would be their main agenda in the movie.

From the previous MCU movies and the film’s trailer, we have got plenty of message about the major changes to heroes and villains like Steve Rogers being turn to Nomad, Thor’s new weapon, and Thanos’ Black Order, etc.

The characters are nothing but our mightiest Avengers as well as MCU’s biggest villain yet Thanos. According to Comic Book, the bios confirm the Spider-Man’s new powers and much like that.

Fans are wondering what they could expect after start watching a movie in the theatres. Hence Toys R Us adds new information about the Avengers and a little bit about the Mad Titan.

Here are the detailed information about 5 Avengers and Thanos’s main goal in the Infinity War.


Steve Rogers as Nomad
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After Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers abandon the role of being a superhero and stops his regular avenger’s duty.

According to Marvel comics, Captain America was the one to make Secret Avengers. Hence it would be a nice thing to see how Steve as Nomad and Bucky as White Wolf will do work simultaneously in the Avengers: Infinity War.


Chris Hemsworth as Thor
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In the Thor: Ragnarok, God of Thunder lost his hammer and to earn his worthiness, he defeats his own sister Hela and claims his throne. But at the end of the movie, his ship encountered with one of Thanos’s ship and the film ends.

From the first Infinity War trailer, we saw Thor is safe with the Guardians of the Galaxy group. But it is still unknown how he will get his new weapon Stormbreaker which is actually owned by Beta Bill Ray in the Marvel Comics.


Bruce Banner as Hulk
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After living the other devil persona for two years, Bruce Banner seems to be controlling his inner green monster. As Mark Ruffalo already told us from the Ragnarok, there will be huge changes into Hulk’s character and the changes start taking place after Thor 3.

Avengers: Infinity War trailer didn’t fulfill Hulk’s shots expect his battle in the Wakanda along with Captain America and his company.


Black Widow in green costume
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There is a talk about Black Widow MCU movie and its hype begins to increase since his first fan-made poster came out by BossLogic.

She is not only one of the greatest fighter in the world but also Marvel’s top spy since the World War 2 as her true existence only known in the pages of the comic book.

But Natasha Romanoff still holding some of the secrets about herself which could be possibly revealed in her standalone movie.


Peter Parker as Iron Spider
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The trailer confirms Peter Parker will have its spider-senses which helps him to ready for any type of coming danger.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter was only depended on Tony Stark’s spider suit. But after abandoning the gadget suit, our neighborhood superhero fought bravely against Vulture which makes him one of the coolest grounded level superhero.

In the Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man will have his upgrades version of the suit which fans are speculating it Iron Spider armor from the comic book.

The above bio about him confirms that his spider-sense would have a major role in the movie which was absent in his earlier standalone movie. To stop upcoming threat which will come in the form of Thanos, Peter Parker must not hold back this time.


Josh Brolin as Thanos toy
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Above knowledge about Thanos pretty much seems like film’s synopsis because he will be the one to cause the chaos to collect all the infinity stone.

In the Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thanos made his first step towards his mission of getting stone by stealing infinity Gauntlet and the trailer does confirm he will have power and space stone.

Despite being the fact that he wants to rule the universe, it is still unknown whether his motivation is somehow related to Mistress Death or not like the comic storyline.

Avengers: Infinity War is set to release worldwide on April 27, 2018


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