Avengers: Infinity War: First detail look at all the characters

All the characters from Avengers: Infinity War poster
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Avengers: Infinity War will be officially releasing a week earlier which is on April 27, 2018. To increase its hype, even more, Hot Toys has revealed Marvel’s very fresh and detailed look at all the mightiest Avengers from the upcoming movie.

After exploring the journey of 10 years from the Iron Man to the latest blockbuster Black Panther, Marvel Studios is bringing back all the superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe all together to defeat their biggest foe yet.

The shared Hot Toys’ images not only exposed characters’ official look but also promises the films will be never seen before.

The newly publish images includes the Thanos along with his children Black Order, Thor and Rocket Raccoon along with Teen Groot who is just revealed to be Adult Groot’s son, Tony Stark’s new armor suit, Thor’s new weapons, detailed look at Infinity Gauntlet, T’Challa’s new Black Panther suit, Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Not only this, Marvel also did release some of the characters’ toy based characters from the Avengers: Infinity War which reveals the full appearance of Peter Parker’s new gifted Iron Spider Suit, Steve Rogers as Nomad along with his new shield, Thanos’s full character detailed, Black Widow’s new style of greeny costume and some enemies from Black Order group.

So here are first detail look at all the characters from Avengers: Infinity War


Thor Teen Groot Rocket Raccoon Hot Toys
© 2018 Hot Toys. All rights reserved.

The above image revealed by Hot Toys which shows off almighty Thor along with Rocket Raccoon and Teen Groot. The key visual in this picture is the Teen Groot as he’s getting incredibly positive responses.

As both galaxy protectors seem holding weapons, but Hot Toys also want to tell us that Thor would be with Guardians of the Galaxy for quite a time as the Avengers: Infinity War first trailer ends where Thor has seen in the Guardians’ ship.


Thor's new weapon Stormbreaker
© 2018 Hot Toys. All rights reserved.

As the name includes in Hot Toys, Thor looks so hot and stunning God of Thunder in his new cape design costume. We all know how Thor lost his right eye while battling with Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Like his father, he does also seem wearing an eye patch.

Despite the fact that the movie will bring all the characters from every corner, the film indeed adds some extraordinary perspective to the characters.

There are two main changes noticed in the above toy figure. One big change is Thor’s new weapon Stormbreaker and the second one is his cape. The new weapon’s name is familiar for some of the Marvel fans because in the comics, it belonging to Beta Ray Bill.


Iron Man's new armor suit Model 51
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Tony Stark always comes up with his amazing creations and this time, his suit will be a game changer in the battle. As Marvel fans already guess that the new suit supposed to be based on nanotech which is appeared in the comic book named as Model 51.

The main purpose of this suit is to serve as an all-in-one toolset. A most surprising part of this suit is that it covers the surface of the armor can be commanded to separate and assemble themselves into any type of Iron Suit.

Model 51 also known as Model Prime armor which includes some of the modified shapes which are Hulkbuster like physics, stealth armor, etc.


Avengers: Infinity War Black order characters promo poster
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Infinity War received it another new poster which shared the best look yet at Thanos’ Black Order along with his villainy avatar. The Black Order is nothing but his children who will join the Mad Titan to complete his hunt crusade for finding all the remaining Infinity Stones.

The above poster shows the full cast of Black Order i.e. Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian and Corvus Glaive. The actual trailer hasn’t really shown any of the characters full live-action faces but the Hot Toys has done the remarkably good job by promoting them even before the film’s actual release.


Black Widow's new green costume

Over the 10 years of Scarlett Johansson’s journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel had done so many changes in her character in terms of her hair design and his stunning costume.

In the Avengers: Infinity War, Black Widow seen in Orb-Weaver Spider look. However, according to Digital Spy, it could be a callback to Black Widow’s original look from 1964’s ‘Tales of Suspense’ in which she showed up rocking classic black catsuit along with some shade of green colors on it.


Infinity gauntlet from Hot Toys
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Hot Toys not only launch Avengers: Infinity War’s leading character but also focus on film’s centered element which is Infinity Gauntlet.

Infinity Gauntlet serves as a holder for Infinity Stone which emits unimaginable powers when combining all the six known infinity stones.


Steve Rogers as Nomad in Infinity War
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After Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers quit his duty as a superhero and promised he will come back whenever there is a need for him. And now it seems that the danger has come all along the way in the form of Outriders army to face him.

Even though, the brief look at the above image may not be suiting up as Steve Rogers’s Nomad character in Avengers: Infinity War, Steve still seems to be adapting the spirit of Nomad.

If you are not aware of this name, Nomad was an alternate identity for Captain America at a time where he was disappointed with the state of the country.

From the trailer, we can see there is a war coming in the Wakanda nation and to protect T’Challa’s home country, Black Panther and Steve Roger lead the army to stop the Outriders.

As Digital Spy already break down the details of Chris Evans’s new shield which will be rocking in the film instead of his 75 years old classic red-blue circular shield.

The pair of arm-mounted pointed shield looks smaller but seems better defensive weapon in a firefight with an alien invaders.

What makes this new shield amazing that it’s Shuri’s design for him. She is the responsible one to make T’Challa’s new Black Panther suit, hence she’ll have given the new shield some surprising upgrades.

It’s obvious that the shield is made up of Vibranium which is available in huge amount in the Wakanda. So be ready to see Steve Rogers’s new comeback as a Nomad.


New promo poster of Avengers Infinity War
© 2018 Marvel Studio. All rights reserved.

The newly released Marvel film’s poster shows off all the six Infinity Stones which are yet to be collect by Thanos. The trailer shown Thanos succeeds collecting two stone i.e. Tesseract and Orb.

Remaining infinity Stones are still in the possession of heroes except for Soul stone which is yet to be revealed in the Avengers: Infinity War.

An unprecedented cinematic journey ten years in the making and spanning the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” brings to the screen the ultimate, deadliest showdown of all time. The Avengers and their Super Hero allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.

The Avengers: Infinity War is a sequel to Avengers: Age of Ultron which will explore the journey of Thanos who seek to find out all the infinity stones.

The mightiest heroes will have to face their biggest villain who will invade the Earth along with his children Black Order. From the trailer, it Outriders will attack Wakanda nation probably for the last infinity stone.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, one of Thanos’s children Corvus Glaive trying to take out reality stone off the Vision’s head.

It would be a matter of time, Thanos will collect all the six infinity stone while battling with Avengers and it would be the conclusion of Avengers 3.

Source: Hot Toys


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