5 Marvel Characters Who Once An Avengers You Need To Know

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When it comes to the marvel universe, there is only Avengers due to which Marvel comics got high popularity. Over a period, there were many events happen like age of Ultron, Civil War, etc. The Avengers team is one of the part of the marvel universe after X-men and Fantastic Four.

Tony stark, Thor, captain America, Hulk, Ant-man and The Wasp are the main founder members of the team, but over a time, the number of heroes’ increases. The following list includes the most important unknown avengers which were in an Avengers team once.

So here are 5 Marvel Characters Who Were Avengers You Need To Know.


In Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2, Pom Klementieff made her appearance as a Mantis and had done a wonderful job. Also she will debut in the upcoming Avengers Infinity war movies. While in old comics, Mantis was a important member of the Avenger team in the Avengers #112 in 1973 made by Steve Englehart and Don Heck.

She was only appointed when the Swordsman trying to join the team. In the original comics issues, she seems to fighting along with other team members against villains Collector, Dormammu, Loki and even with Doctor Strange.

Giving her role in the next upcoming movies, comics try to bring old Marvel’s magic toward people.


Am I saying Venom? But he a main super-villain for the Spider-Man. Currently Venom had a host named as Flash Thompson to help him to walk again who has lost his legs during his tour in Iraq. But he was only bonded for about 48 hours. Otherwise Venom would have taken the full control of him.

After that Flash used the Alien Symbiote to become Agent Venom and joined the Secrete Avengers vol. 1 # 23, team during civil war event. As Flash Thompson joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will he going to appear as an Agent Venom like in the comics. Let’s see…


Deadpool has his rule. He doesn’t like to interfere with anybody. He always want to live his life his own ways. But if we travel back in time, he was a terrific superhero who sacrifices his own life to save another.

In Uncanny Avengers Vol. 3 #1 in 2015, he actually made his debut in the Avengers team. He was requested by Captain America to join the team which was appears in another Marvel Universe.


Thanks to the Guardians of the Galaxy movies through which the Yondu character came into life and gain good response from the comics fan. But that’s not the only team Yondu has ever join.

Once he was appointed as a member of the Avengers team for temporary which was unofficial. He is fighting with the original Guardians of the Galaxy teams during Korvac event. In 21st century, the rebooted Guardians of the Galaxy will join the Avengers Infinity war along with the small appearance of the Yondu. But that’s not going to happen or there are not any sign of him in the shooting set.


Steve Rogers one and only best friend i.e., Bucky who relationship is well known in the comics with each other, not like in the MCU movies. He is not only Steve’s best friends, but also his sidekick. In 1964 he was officially killed off. His death was remarkable and honourable occurs in the comics. Later on in 2005’s comics, he was resurrected by Ed Brubaker as a Winter Soldier.

In the comics storyline of civil war, when Steve Rogers was killed off, Bucky was the one who take the mantle of him and became the Captain America. And then he join the team of New Avenger’s in issue #48 2008.

Sure there are other also who has been seen in the Avengers team many time. But in above list, they were the most prominent heroes whose share their most of the time with the Avengers.

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