Russo Brothers’ Speculation about Avengers 4 Title Revealed

Avengers 4 title name theories

Marvel fans wondering what will be Avengers 4 title name which should have been revealed after the release of Infinity War.

Avengers: Infinity War director Russo Brothers spoke with CB and told them,

“I don’t think there are any comics that correlate to it. I think we’re in a pretty fresh territory with Avengers 4. If anything, I think it’s interesting after to go back and look at some of the Marvel films and view them through a different lens. But I can’t think of any comics, in particular, that would have value.”

Infinity War is loosely based on Marvel comic Infinity Gauntlet but now the director confirmed it the title name would not be related with the comics’ one.

Further, Joe Russo added,

Our job as we said a million times is to tell the story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not to do direct adaptations of the comics because we’re comic book fans. I have no interest as a director in telling a story that’s already been told or in seeing one that’s already been told. If I know all the events story as they’re going to happen then what’s the point of going to the film? We want to keep surprising audiences and continue the story that started with Iron Man One a decade ago.

Like CW’s the Flash Season 4 is based on DC’s the Flash: Rebirth comic but not on its storyline; same goes for Avengers 4 also.

Fans have speculated some of the possible theories or title names which have been teased in previous MCU movies like Avengers 4: Endgame.

But CB guesses would be The Avengers: Almost Forever.

Thanos look in Avengers: Infinity War
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After hearing this name, Russo Brothers nod that it is nearly same and closest to the official name.

Official Avengers 4‘s name has yet to come out but its an only matter of time it hits online and all fans would be surprised.

Avengers: Infinity War is currently smashing box office record without the help of Hulk and upcoming MCU movie Ant-Man and the Wasp is set to release July 6, 2018.


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