Attack On Titan Strongest Titans, Ranked!

Pure Titans Attack On Titan Strongest Titan

Who is the No.1 Attack On Titan’s Strongest Titan?

Attack on Titan presents their strongest and most powerful titans or giants.

New season 3 of Attack on Titan shows more of titans including Armoured Titan, Colossal Titan, Beast Titan, Cart Titan, and Eren’s Attack Titan.

The article will help fans to know better about Titans’ powers and ability.

With that, here is a list of 10 Strongest Titans from Attack On Titan Series:

10Pure Titans

attack on titan eren pure titan form

Most dangerous species and side villains of Attack on Titan franchise, Pure Titan are wandering around the world for so many years.

These titans have no sense and intelligence. It’s just a killing machine which brutally kills the people when encounter.

It was they who trigger Eren to decide for Titans’ destruction no matter what.

Pure Titans are rational human beings called the Subjects of Ymir.

The first method to create Pure Titan is to inject Titan spinal fluid. The second method if Founding Titan turns Subjects of Ymir into Titans.

When the first owner of the titan Ymir Fritz received these powers, she used it to build bridges, roads, and cultivate barren lands. But things went wrong.

One hundred years ago, Marley started to turns citizens and sent them to Paradis Island as Pure Titans to devoured people.

9The Cart Titan

Cart Titan strongest attack on titan

Cart Titan unexpectedly made its first appeared in last season 3’s several episodes of Attack on Titan.

It was fast.

Cart Titan possesses terrific speed and endurance, unlike other Titan shifters.

That’s how Cart retrieved Beast Titan’s host and quickly disappeared from the scene.

As you can see, Cart Titan walks on its four limbs, unlike other Titan shifters. Thus, making it moves faster than others.

It possesses an exceptional level of endurance limit.

Hence it can go for many missions without rest. Meaning, it can maintain its Cart Titan form for a more extended period.

Apart from this, Cart Titan has lower defense ability as well as regenerative factor.

8The Jaw Titan

jaw titan powerful titan

Attack on Titan fans saw Ymir’s titan shifting ability who ate previous Jaw Titan’s host.

Jaw Titan has wild but powerful jaws and nails that could shred anything. Its teeth and nails possess ridiculous biting as well as crushing strength.

It is strong enough to damage Titan’s hardened crystal shell.

After Cart, Jaw showed a similar ability to move at a faster rate.

Because of small body hight, Jaw holds a higher level of agility for movements.

In the anime, Ymir ate Marcel Galliard who was chosen to inherit the power of the Jaw Titan.

Instead, Ymir’s wild Titan approach him and eaten alive, thus regaining Marcel’s Jaw power and regained its human form.

Currently, there is no information available about Ymir and her titan shifting ability’s whereabouts.

Still, the Jaw Titan acknowledged as the Attack On Titan’s Strongest Titan.

7The Attack Titan

attack titan most powerful titan

The Attack Titan was gifted to Eren Yeager by his father.

In terms of wild fighting ability, the Attack Titan has the upper hand among all the titan shifters.

Currently, there is no information available on Attack Titan expect its berserker mode.

Eren’s berserker mode as Attack Titan completely overpowered Female Titan.

There are still many possibilities, but it safe to assumes that Attack Titan could have more unique traits.

6The Female Titan

Female Titan strongest titan

What makes Female Titan as one of the fan favorite Titan shifters is her fighting skills.

Right now, both in anime and manga, Female Titan owns by Annie Leonhart.

It still in question whether Annie has the upper hand in terms of skills than Mikasa Ackerman.

But when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Annie shows impressive techniques.

With Titan’s powers and Annie’s expertise in combat skills makes Female Titan one of the most powerful titan of Attack on Titan.

Female Titan’s primary ability is to attract Titans.

You will found this similar to Founding and Beast Titan’s power.

According to Fandom, Annie must have learned this technique through exercise.

Furthermore, the Female Titan can harden part of her body skin for protection.

Also, similar to Jaw Titan and Cart Titan, Female Titan versatile in fast movement.

During a battle against Eren’s Founding Titan, Female Titan had the upper hand and devoured him instantly.

In conclusion, owning incredible fighting skills, the ability to harden the body into the unbreakable crystal makes Female Titan unstoppable once.

5The Armored Titan

Armored Titan

Humanity’s biggest threat is not other than Armour Titan who broke Shiganshina District’s wall for the first time.

Reiner Braun is currently the owner of the Armoured Titan.

This titan shifter has hardened skin all over his body. It has nearly no weakness.

Its Armored skin is capable of preventing almost all attacks from the enemies.

Even cannon’s direct hit or vertical maneuvering equipment does not affect his body.

However, Titan’s hardened ability could damage Armored Titan’s skin.

In recent episodes of Attack on Titan season 3, Hange Zoe’s research over Armored Titan leads to a new weapon.

Named as Thunder Spear, the weapon’s missiles are so powerful that it destroys Armoured Titan’s skin critically.

When it comes to speed, Armored Titan has a significant disadvantage.

Due to its weighted hardened plated skin, it puts restains on running speeds.

Reiner can avoid this scenario if its armored plates shed to a minimum number.

Thus, by removing shield behind the knees, he can run at vast speed.

4The Colossus Titan

colossal titan attack on titan

As the name suggests, Colossus Titan is the Giant Titan amongst nine titan shift.

And hence probably the Attack On Titan’s Strongest Titan.

It is noted to be 60 meters taller, Colossus Titan currently owned by Bertolt Hoover.

Colossus Titan’s prime ability is to emerge the hottest steam from his body that can burn anything on this path.

in recent Return to Shiganshina arc, when Bertolt transforms into Colossus Titan’s, it also generates an enormous amount of heat.

It can create blast, explosion which could kill many Survey Corps soldiers in an instant.

Moreover, this ability prevents attacks from 3D maneuver gear. Thus it repels the enemy’s attack for an extended period.

Colossus Titan’s only weakness is his slow reaction time. But his steam emission overcomes its flaw by keeping enemies at far distant.

On the contrary, prolonged usage of Steam emission affects the Titan body.

More he emits steams, his body flesh gets thinner.

Though Colossal Titan has no battle skills due to poor reflexes, it considered as the Attack On Titan’s Strongest Titan.

3The Beast Titan

beast titan

Beast Titan is franchise’s most prominent & influencing character ever yet he defeated by Captain Levi.

Since its arrival in the Attack on Titan series, Beast Titan seems to possess incredible skills at throwing objects.

‘Return to Shiganshina arc’ shows how Beast Titan could be dangerous just by throwing crushed rocks.

Alone this ability wipe out almost all the Survey Corps with crushed rocks.

Its recent battle with Captain Levi shows that Beast Titan could possess hardening ability.

The past season of Attack on Titan proves that ape titan owns Titan creation ability.

Apart from these, it can command several pure titans at once.

However, it seemed imperfect.

Unlike Founding Titan’s case, pure titans ignore Beast Titan’s orders.

2The War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan attack on titan

The sole purpose of War Hammer Titan is to create several weapons and structures.

This titan shifter can produce weapons out of its firm Titan flesh.

The War Hammer Titan has yet to appears in the anime version of Attack on Titan. Meanwhile, in manga series, he was an excellent asset for humanity.

War Hammer able to create large hardened pikes that could lift an entire Titan.

Besides this, it can projects spike in several areas at once, which could kill an army of soldiers in no time.

The imagination is the only limit.

War Hammer also showed an ability to weaponize crossbow as well as straps of hardened tails.

Another ability of this titan shifter is its control from afar through a cable of Titan flesh.

Meaning unlike other eight mighty Titans, War Hammer’s host can be removed from its control center from its nape.

However, to control the Titan body, the host needs to operate through a long cable of flesh.

Isn’t it something new?

Another ability is to protect the human host by encasing crystals much like Female Titan.

The sad thing is that War Hammer titan has a weakness.

Constant usage of this ability could weaken the host’s stamina.

Furthermore, the hardened skin able to damage with the help of the Jaw Titan’s claws and teeth.

So isn’t he one of the Attack On Titan’s Strongest Titans among nine other Titans?

1The Founding Titan

Founding titan

Attack on Titan yet to show the Founding Titan’s full potential but without question, it is one of the Attack On Titan’s Strongest Titans.

Still, fans believe Founding Titan is the strongest Titan of the franchise.

Amongst all nine intelligent titans, Founding Titan was the first one.

Anime briefly shows us how the power of Eren’s Titan would control other Titans even without transforming into Titan.

Anime fans are not aware, but Founding Titan can create transform Subjects of Ymir into Titans.

The previous inheritor of Founding Titan, Karl Fritz made thousands of Colossus Titans who created the walls.

Furthermore, Eren’s Founding Titan can pass the ability to control Titan to others.

Although we haven’t seen its full powers and ability, according to Rod Reiss, Founding Titan possesses the potential to wipe out all the Titans.

So these are the top 10 Attack On Titan’s Strongest Titans.

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