Attack On Titan Season 3: New Trailer Out

Attack on Titan season 3 anime poster

2018’s most anticipated anime after My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul and One Punch Man, Attack on Titan‘s (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin) first ever official trailer is out.

The most important thing about the trailer is its hype increasing more than ever.

Attack on Titan Season 3 has its release date and the anime series will premiere on July 22, 2018 on NHK in Japan.

However, it’s a good thing because season 2 was only had 12 episodes.

Thanks to Funimation, watch Attack on Titan Season 3 english subtitle trailer here:

The trailer was dope. What makes this trailer one of the best is its coolest animation. Characters’ design seems more satisfying and touching.

According to Yonko Production:

Attack On Titan Season 3 will run for 24 episodes.

This is not the first element we have got in this year. Since last year, lots of things happening in the anime and manga series.

After the end of Season 2 of Attack on Titan, on June 17th, 2017, WIT Studio confirmed that the anime will proceed further and will cover manga chapter from volume 13 to 22.

In January 2018, there was a season 2’s compilation movie dubbed as The Roar of Awakening. From the movie, there has a leaked from the fan.

Up to this date, there are total 25 manga volumes covered and all the characters have been grown up surprisingly.

A couple of months before, anime’s first ever key visual release. After that season 3’s main plot character’s face reveal who will go against Historia and Eren Jaeger to kidnap them.

Attack on Titan is one of the tops most favorite anime recognized globally and awarded as second most selling manga series by Hajime Isayama.

Its manga sets record by selling 74+ millions of copies in print around the world.

Besides its release in Japan on July 22, it will air in U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Also, Funimation has already obtained the international right to home entertainment and video on demand. Hence it will be easy to telecast the anime more than one location.

Take a look at Attack on Titan Season 3 latest key visual:

Attack on Titan Season 3 third key visual poster
© 2018 Wit Studio. All rights reserved. reported the interview of CEO of Funimation and he said,

“We’re thrilled to be bringing back Attack on Titan for its third season in 2018 and on the heels of the series’ long-awaited and exciting return last year. Everyone is anxious to see what’s in store for the new season. Fans have been clamoring with non-stop speculation ever since Wit Studio released a Season 3 teaser poster last October. We will all soon find out later this year”

According to Comic Book, Director Araki who works on first two seasons said during an in-studio interview,

“We really enjoyed making the anime and felt it turned out well in the end. Although the anime takes a break here, we’re still working on it. We will put our best efforts into making Season Three. Will the person wearing glasses at the end of season 2 play a part in season 3? Will everyone be able to survive? Will somebody die? It’s hard to know. Look forward to the next season. We’re still having fun making Attack on Titan.”

Attack on Titan Season 3 official synopsis is here:

The anime is based on the original manga of the same name and produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G. The new season will adapt the storyline from the Sixth story arc of the Attack on Titan’s manga named as ‘The Uprising Arc’ which explorers Eren and Krista’s further life adventure. The new poster reveals how Eren is binding into the chains and the brief appearance of Kenny who will be the key visual for the new season.

Over a social network, anime’s first trailer received a hugely positive response and surprisingly fans don’t know how to stop their reactions.

As manga readers know and latest teaser trailer just confirmed that the third season will feature more politics and battles between human-to-human than the typical between titans.

But it does not mean that Eren will not transform into Titan. Big giants will be a major part of a storyline.

Levi’s uncle Kenny will be the center of the series and begins to go against Eren Jaeger.

Attack on Titan Season 3 will be based on Uprising Arc and will continue anime episodes from its chapter 52.

Japanese Voice Star Cast

Character’s Name

Yūki Kaji Eren Jaeger/Mysterious Titan
Tomohisa Hashizume Bertholdt Hoover/Colossal Titan
Marina Inoue Armin Arlelt
Yui Ishikawa Mikasa Ackermann
Tsuguo Mogami Keith Sadies
Romi Park Hange Zoë
Takuya Masumoto Moses
Daisuke Ono Erwin Smith
Tomohiso Nick
Keiji Fujiwar/Kenjiro Tsuda Hannes
Yoshimasa Hosoya Reiner Braun/Armored Titan
Yū Shimamura Annie Leonhart/Female Titan
Kishō Taniyama Jean Kirschtein
Hiro Shimono Conny Springer
Shiori Mikami Historia Reiss
Yū Kobayashi Sasha Braus
Saki Fujita Ymir/Ymir’s Titan
Hiroshi Kamiya Levi
Takehito Koyasu Beast Titan’s operator/Beast Titan
Kazuhiro Yamaji Kenny Ackermann

If you unaware of the series, please take a brief look at below summary.


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