Attack on Titan Season 3 leaked shows return of spoiler

Levi on Attack on Titan Season 2
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Nowadays, there are only talks of Attack on Titan’s compilation movie of Season 2 which is releasing across the various region. During the screening of Roar of Awaking, one fan recorded 1 and half minute scene which will be the possible opening of the premiere episode.

As we know, in the finale episode, after the deadly event of Reiner-Bertold and Beast Titan, Eren joined along with his comrades of the 104th training Corps as a member of the new Squad Levi in a secluded forest cabin.

From the leak scene, it looks like only Eren Yeager is serious about Levi’s return because Levi’s character is too hygienic. That’s why Eren try to clean the cabin as early as possible preparing for Levi’s meeting as he is fully aware of Captain’s attention for cleanliness.

Let a look at below video which was shot while screening Attack of Titan: Roar of Awakening:

While handling the chaos of all his friends which reminds him the original team of Squad Levi, Captain enters the forest house and found out of one dirty spot.

Captain Levi found dirty spot in Attack on Titan manga chapter 52
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Besides only anime watcher, Manga reader knows that Season 3 will adopt the next storyline from ‘the Uprising arc’ and will continue from chapter 52.

Currently, the manga version of Attack on Titan reached to its chapter 102. So we have a long way journey to reach that point. Last season we have seen Eren’s Titans controlling powers and how will it be useful to seal the breach in Wall Maria.

Unlike season 2 which aired only a few episodes but still astonishing, it is expected that new season will be more than a first season. It’s obvious the series will have to covered big volumes from 13 to 21.

The anime is based on the original manga of the same name and produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G. The new season will adapt the storyline from the Sixth story arc of the Attack on Titan’s manga named as ‘The Uprising Arc’ which explorers Eren and Krista’s further life adventure. The new poster reveals how Eren is binding into the chains and the brief appearance of Kenny who will be the key visual for the new season.

Attack on Titan’s new season will premiere in July 2018…


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