‘Attack on Titan’ Season 3 Episode 1 Starts From Manga Chapter 52

Attack on Titan season 3 official poster


The earlier news came about Attack on Titan’s season 3 official release date. The series’ manga version already broke the records and still holding the second position for most selling manga releases for this year.

Next year on July 2018, fan-favorite anime will air its most anticipated third season, and it will continue the Eren’s journey even further. The anime based on manga version of Attack on Titan and its season 2 concluded with the end of manga chapter 51. Ever since anime’s second season ends, fans are wondering whether anime would still adopt the same storyline or not.

Attack on Titan Season 3 manga chapter 52 Levi Ackerman
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The season 3 will explore Eren and Historia’s journey from manga chapter 52, and you can’t even imagine what future has held for them. During the ‘Attack oto Taikan 2’ event which held in Tokyo, the present staff’s members revealed that the main focused of the 3rd season would be Kenny Ackerman. If you are a manga reader, then you will know who this person is.

Nothing much known about the upcoming season except its volume storyline which will cover from its manga volume 13 to volume 21, i.e., anime is expected to comes to an end after 86 chapter.

Attack on Titan season 2 Eren controlling other titans
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Currently, the manga version of Attack on Titan reached to its chapter 100. So we have a long way journey to reach that point. Last season we saw Eren’s Titans controlling powers and how will it be useful to seal the breach in Wall Maria.

Unlike season 2 which aired only a few episodes but still astonishing, it expected that new season would be more than a first season. It’s obvious the series will follow the most famous volumes from 13 to 21.

The anime is based on the original manga of the same name and produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G. The new season will adapt the storyline from the Sixth story arc of the Attack on Titan’s manga named as ‘The Uprising Arc’ which explorers Eren and Krista’s further life adventure. The new poster reveals how Eren is binding into the chains and the brief appearance of Kenny who will be the key visual for the new season.

Attack on Titan currently airing its Season 3.


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