Attack On Titan Manga Chapter 117 Release Date Revealed

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New manga chapter 117 of Attack On Titan will publish on May 9th, 2019 in Japan. These couple of months has been very intense for the series as each, and every part fills up with unpredictable events.

Twitter user @AoTWiki share official release date for Attack on Titan Chapter 117:

shingeki no kyojin chapter 117

Last chapter 116 which recently published on April 09 shows new alliances as well as new enemies as Attack on Titan leading to its biggest war ever.

Beware of below spoilers from Attack On Titan Manga Chapter 116

In the latest chapter, manga Attack on Titan once again has paced up in a definite direction. With shocking past events occurs in the last chapter, now readers demands more of Titan’s history. Guess fans have to wait for a few more chapters.

Attack On Titan Chapter 116 continues where it ends last time. Here you can see Pieck gained control over the situation and get overwhelmed by Eren’s response.

Letting Eren know her intentions, Pieck tried to convince him that they are on the same page. She is further stating that she wanted Eldians and her family to be free from Marley and an intermittent zone. To do so, she showed her willingness to even slaughter Marleyns.

When Gabi questioned Pieck’s deception, she told her even being right isn’t enough. Once they (being able to transform into Titans) done serving Marley, Marley will execute them too. When asked to prove her aim, Pieck told Eren that she would pinpoint where more infiltrators are hiding. It seems that Pieck if going to trick Eren.

Meanwhile, Yelena visits in prison to see Niccolo and Levi squad. After a dispute between Niccolo and Grior over Sasha, Yelena shots Grior when he said,”Filthy Island Devil.” It proves that no one on Island will curse them as Devils.

shingeki no kyojin Yelena Grior

According to Yelena, Yeager brothers are the Saviours. Upon hearing this, Armin felt some emotions by calling their act as Noble intentions. As she gets to hear from Yeagerist about infiltrators, Yelena left to regroup with Eren.

Yelena opened the roof door and warned Eren how he should not trust Pieck. It appears everything went according to Pieck’s plan. Unfortunately, It was a trap to lure out Eren so that Marley could pinpoint his location.

Instead of pointing out the place, she pointed at Eren. Just then, Galliard’s Jaw Titan appeared only to take care of Eren and caught him off guard.

Eren attack on titan chapter 116

Sadly enough, the hero lost his legs Eren. But that doesn’t stop him from going wild. He immediately transforms into Titan. Between chaos, Pieck told Gabi that she doesn’t trust Marley instead trusts her friends by pointing at aircraft which appeared in the sky.

Along with Reiner Braun, Marley soldiers are ready to settle things. Now that Reiner has entered the ground, it seems that it would be an all-out war. Attack On Titan fans! Prepare yourselves as unexpected things are about to happen.

Shōnen Magazine’s No. 1 manga series Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan is a huge commercial success. As of December 2018, the manga successfully sold 88 million copies worldwide.

If you are not aware of Attack On Titan, then you need to watch its anime. The anime had its two complete seasons as well as current running third half season. Written and created by Hajime Isayama, Attack On Titan features an alternative world where humankind lives behinds walls surrounded by frightful gigantic man-eating titans.

Directed by Tetsurō Araki and written and drawn by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan Season 3 will resume on April 2019 and manga chapter 117th will release on May 09, 2019.–To Find out more, do read Attack On Titan Chapter 116 and tell us what do you think. Do you think our hero is dead? Drop a comment and tell us what do you think.

Source: Attack On Titan Wiki



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