“Attack On Titan” Manga Chapter 116 Release Date Revealed

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Attack On Titan Manga chapter 116 has its release date, and it will publish on April 09, 2019, in Japan. The latest chapter 115 ended with an unexpected cliffhanger. Undoubtedly the story had definitive direction.

Check out release date for Attack On Titan Chapter 116:

shingeki no kyojin chapter 116

The title of Attack on Titan Chapter 116 is Heaven and Earth. From the title only it would be evident that more prominent battler is about to emerge in the future.

Levi Ackerman, one of the prominent character of the series, seems to die. However, fans believe his return later on the manga chapters. His fierce battle with Beast Titan was intense that no one could have survived.

The previous installment puts Hange’s lift at risked to rescue Levi. Even if it barely, Levi could have been alive all this time. Besides, Eren, Levi is humanity’s strongest human character. Hence, if he died so early, then fans would riot against the series. Therefore I am sure he is still alive and would see the end of the franchise with a happy ending.

Beware of spoilers from a recent chapter of Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has put an end to fans questions yet breeding more questions, and chapter 116 was a perfect example of it. Ever since the franchise came out, readers had a quest about Titans’ very origins.

Manga series had picked pace till chapter 115 that raised questions about Yeager brothers developments. Latest chapter began with questions in mind- “what happened to Levi and Zeke?”

In Attack on Titan chapter 115, we saw how humanity’s greatest soldier might get saved by Hanji. Readers most likely assumed Zeke’s death and began to think what Eren’s next move might be but seem Isayama had something else in his mind.

Once again Isayama proved how the story is well written. While readers had their theories, Isayama made his move to reveal the greatest mystery that fans wanted to solved since day one. Very impressive. Amidst pace, yes, we got to know a little about the origin.

Beast Titan on Attack on titan manga

Finally, the girl, Real Ymir who shown in anime back in season 2 has appeared once again. When Zeke on the verge of his extinction, Ymir appeared in his mind. Suddenly, a Titan from a ground emerged. The giant monster tore apart its stomach and put Zeke into it.

Ymir again reappeared in a space that addressed as paths by Zeke. It’s the same space which Ymir saw when she returned to her normal human form. The girl then started molding Zeke’s body with sand, a process which Zeke stated to have felt like years but merely was an instant in reality. After returning to his human form, Zeke comes out of the titan who emerged earlier, only to be witnessed by Yeager and Hanji who reached the place already.

Hanji took the opportunity and fled from the sight taking Levi with her. Of course, she followed by enemies. Now all Zeke’s enemies gone, they started moving forward to meet Eren.

In the meantime, we also got to know about Zeke’s backstory which revealed how he began his move. His objective, to put an end to the “renunciation vow” that was placed by the Ruler of the walls is made clear. Eren’s intentions also shown as he recalled his father’s actions and how he felt when he gained his father’s memories. It was made clear that Eren wants to save all but only by erasing all eldians. He is thus approving the plan of total salvation. In this way, he believes the world can be protected from Titans. Though we still can’t be sure it would be a better plan or how it’s going to end.

Ymir in shingeki no kyojin anime

On the other hand, Ymir (yet can’t be sure about her real name as well) seems to be on Zeke’s side she was responsible for his recovery. With that saying, it is now even more difficult to predict whether the Yeager brothers are the main antagonist or not. In case they are not. Chances of Ackernamans ending the conflict are highest.

The last chapter also showed Marley’s actions used on Paradise Island. With Yelena having a situation under control, telling Pyxis about their situation that could have prevented if Pyxis trusted them from the beginning.

Meanwhile, we can also see that Eren wanted to make use of Gabi to find infiltrators. However, Pieck visited them and instantly finished off one of the Yeagerist standing near Eren putting them on an inadequate situation. So it’s evident that the next Attack on Titan chapter 116 is going to be more exciting that could answer a few of the questions as different paths are colliding.

Next chapter might unfold Titans’ mysterious history in the coming months. Furthermore, Historia’s role might get clear as well. Hopefully, fans would get to see the Armin’s strategic planning to make his next move along with Mikasa who could be the key in the finale. Finally, since we are getting to know more about Titans, it won’t be too long now that we will see Annie in action.

If you are not aware of Attack On Titan, then you need to watch its anime series. The anime had its two complete seasons as well as third half season. Written and created by Hajime Isayama, Attack On Titan features an alternate world where humankind lives in towns surrounded by monstrous gigantic man-eating titans.

Directed by Tetsurō Araki and written and drawn by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan Season 3 will resume on April 2019 and manga chapter 116th will be published on April 09, 2019.

To find out more, do read Attack On Titan Chapter 115 and tell us what do you think. Are you really thinking our hero is dead? We are waiting for your response in the comment box.

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