Attack On Titan Episode 55 Synopsis Revealed

captain levi in attack on titan 3

Attack on Titan episode 55 will conclude the battle between heroes vs. villains.

The last episode of season 3 shows a top-notch battle between Captain Levi and Beast Titan.

For a moment, it seemed victory was ours for sure until the Cart Titan interfaces and take backs man under Beast Titan.

Official website of Shingeki No Kyojin revealed episode 55’s synopsis. Check out below:

Eren was standing in front of Almin. Under Eren’s sorrow, two shadows appear from above the wall.

Take a look at episode 55’s promo:

Next episode’s preview footage shows Bertholdt imprisonment.

Few seconds put Eren surrounded by the Cart Titan .

It was evident that Cart Titan approached Survey Squads to take back Colossal Titan and Armour Titan. If not, Captain Levi could use those abilities for humanity’s victory.

Eren attack on titan season 3

We can also see wounded Erwin Smith who barely survive Beast Titan’s rampage. This scene proves that Captain Levi try to give Erwin serum that turns human into a wild titan.

Thus, it will recover Erwin’s major wounds but at the cost of someone’s life.

TO bring back Erwin to human life, he needs to eat one of the present titans. From the last episode, it seems Bertholdt would be the victim.

Attack on Titan fans is now more anticipated than ever for next episode that will reveal Colossal Titan as well as Erwin’s future.

Stay tuned for the updates of Attack On Titan anime as well as manga.

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The anime air every Sunday at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll as a simulcast.

Source: Shingeki TV



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