Attack On Titan Episode 54 Reveals Levi vs Beast Titan

Armin from attack on titan season 3

Last episode 53 from Attack on Titan Season 3 shows brutal deaths of The Survey Corps.

To escape the rain of boulders from Beast Titan, Erwin plans out a counterattack.

To escape alive and make proud of deaths one, all soldiers trust Erwin’s decision and charges towards Beast Titan.

Meanwhile, when Erwin company distracts Beast Titan, Captain Levi will attack monstrous swiftly.

Checkout spoiler summary of Attack On Titan Episode 54 below:

In the desperate situation, the Survey Corps soldiers charge towards “Beast Titan” in preparation for death under the direction of Erwin. Eren, meanwhile also working on a tactic.

Attack on Titan‘s official website released above synopsis proves heroes’ difficult situation cornered by Colossal, Armour and Beast Titan.

The information confirms that Eren’s attack titan will come to consciousness to stop Colossal as well as fully healed Armour Titan .

Spoilers released along with Armin’s fearful still who’s about to lead Levi Squad to defeat Colossal Titan.

Watch next episode 54 preview titled as Hero:

Stay tuned for the updates of Attack On Titan anime as well as manga.

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The anime air every Sunday at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll as a simulcast.

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