Attack On Titan Chapter 129 Release Date Delayed

Reiner Braun as Armored Titan

Release Date of Attack On Titan Chapter 129 was delayed due to pandemic situation of COVID-19.

Now Attack On Titan Chapter 129 will release on June 09, 2020.

Delayed had been announced on Twitter by Attack On Titan’s Editor in Japanese. Translation says:

“As stated in the attached release, we have decided to suspend the issue of another Manga (of Attack on Titan chapter 129) June issue.

It has been 10 years since the first issue of the book, and I have met without failing every month, so I had been lonely personally, but everyone’s health comes first. We are working towards publication, so don’t forget about another magazine even if you suspend it once.”

Attack on Titan Chapter 128 ‘Traitor’ Short Summary:

Hange Zoë, who join the Armin and his team to stop the rampage of Eren, allied with Theo Magath.

Survey corps wants to steal flying boat to get near the Eren.

Hence, to take over the harbor, Armin suggested that he and Connie would approach Floch Forster and takes the flying boat without killing.

But things go wrong.

Kiyomi strikes Floch and evokes the Yeagerists and engineers to fight back. Mikasa intervened in the situation and helped them asap.

Thus, to save the world once again, Survey Corps becomes a traitor.

Meanwhile, Connie and Armin defending themselves to secure the flying boat, and Reiner Braun and Annie Leonhart transform into their mightiest Titan forms, to save the day.

Attack On Titan Chapter 129 will release on June 09, 2020


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