Attack On Titan Chapter 127 Release Date Revealed

Levi attack on titan chapter 127 release date

Subsequent Chapter 127 of Attack On Titan will release on March 9. 2020 in Japan, and it will blow off your mind.

Trust me!

The title of the latest published Manga Chapter is “Pride.”

Please find below the banner of Attack On Titan Chapter 127 Release Date:

attack on titan manga chapter 127 release date

Attack On Titan Chapter 126 Summary:

Last ‘Shingeki No Kyojin’ manga chapter dramatically reveals Captain Levi’s major comeback.

After a brutal battle between Beast Titan and Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, fans almost killed off Levi.

But now it seems Attack on Titan Chapter 127 would have significant changes as Levi Ackerman is back.

Levi & Hange shingeki no kyojin

As Hanje thinks about what needs to do after what Zeke had done, she saw Eren’s new transformation that awoke Levi.

Hange saw Eren's Titan lightning shingeki no kyojin

By considering Levi’s brutal injuries, Hanji tells him that it would be better to hide and run. However, the Soldier denial the plan and swore to kill Zeke.

The last Attack on Titan chapter confronts Hange-Levi with Pieck-Theo.

However, Theo has no intention to go with Hange’s plan and decided to kill Levi.

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levi ackerman decided to kill zeke

As the discussion goes on, the crew decided to go with the plan to stop the Zeke from using Eren’s Founding Titan.

Meanwhile, in the Shiganshina neighborhood, multiple Colossal Titans still roaming the city. Connie thinking for a way to feed Falco, who is a Jaw Titan, to his handicap Titan mother.

Falco Connie Pure Titan

As soon as Connie brought Falco onto his village Ragako, Jaw Titan’s host questioned him for their arrival instead of visiting the hospital.

Connie shows Falco his handicap mother, who has been here for years and told him to clean her teeth.

But suddenly.

Gabi and Armin approach them and warn Falco to run away from Connie as he was about to feed him to his Titan mother.

gabi armin warn falco shingeki no kyojin

As he saw both the crew who trying to save Falco, Connie threatened them to kill Falco.

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However, Armin jumped on the Titan and tried to kill Connie’s mother instead. But Connie stops him in the midway.

Armin killing Connie's titan mother

Surprisingly, Connie realized his mistake and said that he should be doing what his mother had thought about him.

So now, Connie ensures Armin to save others who are in trouble.

On the other hand, Jean preaching the Marley troops against the Eldians. At the same time, Armin and his team eating pies and preparing to leave to meet wounded Reiner.

But they do not know that Annie was beside them eating the same.

The next pages of Attack on Titan chapter 126 shows that Annie joined the Armin team without any hesitation.

And without any wastage of time, they headed for Reiner’s location where he was recovering.

Now its the time.

All the fallen soldiers now gathered to save the World from the wreckage.

shingeki no kyojin 126 Connie Armin Mikasa Annie

Attack on Titan Chapter 126 ends here.

To be continued

Attack on Titan Chapter 127 Predictions:

  1. Eren will transform into new Founding Titan form.
  2. Annie and Reiner will transform into their Titan form to stop Eren to destroy the World.
  3. Hange, Jean, & Cart Titan will join the same.

Now there are only a couple of manga chapters to go and Attack on Titan Season 4 is on its way to make a final blow.

What do you think will happen in the next chapter?

Share your theories down below in the comment box, and we would publish your speculations in our next AOT article.

Attack on Titan Chapter Release Date is set to March 9, 2020.

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