Attack On Titan Chapter 126 Release Date Revealed

attack on titan chapter 126

Attack on Titan Wiki provides the news of Attack On Titan Chapter 126 Release Date.


The manga chapter will publish on February 7th, 2020 on Japan Time.


Check out below a banner that unveils the Attack On Titan Chapter 126 Release Date:

attack on titan chapter 126 publish date

Manga Chapter 125 of Shingeki No Kyojin named “Sunset.”

Eren is still emerging into the new Titan form, and at the same time, all the Wall Titans marching towards the South for an unknown reason.

Thanks to Eren, after four years of hibernation, Annie, the host of female Titan, has been waking up.

Attack on Titan just revived their two central characters, Annie and second one Levi Ackerman, humanity’s greatest soldier.

Next Attack on Titan chapter 126 will probably show us, Annie, transforming into Female Titan as she already cut through.

Fans have been waiting to see Annie once again after gruesome battle again Eren four years ago.

As the final arc of the Attack On Titan seems to come to an end, each manga chapter unfolds its unexpected events in a new way.

As the next Attack on Titan chapter 126 release on February 07, fans will see the battle that is still going on among Survey Corps, rumbling Wall Titans, Connie’s resolution to save his mother, Annie’s character development.

[Attack On Titan Chapter 125 Spoiler]

Though no one grasps Eren’s motive behind Wall Titans’ rampage on the Island, still few defend him for the sacrifices he made.

On the other hand, Attack on Titan chapter 125 revives one major villain, Annie Leonhart. The Female Titan host escapes from the basement with the help of Hitch.

From the looks of it, Annie looks very weak. Even after she cuts herself, Annie is not able to transform herself into the Female Titan.

Upon riding on a horse, Annie witnesses Eren’s monstrous ongoing transformation. She’s surprised whether Eren’s serious about destroying the world.

This chapter of Attack On Titan reveals glimpses of Annie’s past that right after birth, she was abandoned due to her mother’s affair with the Eldian.

However, an Eldian Man (her father) adopted her and trained Annie brutally. Because of this, Annie lost her meaning in life until the mission to retake the Founding Titan.

On that morning, Mr. Leonhart admits that Annie is not supposed to become what she is now. None of her skills matter as long as she is coming back to her father. Hence, Annie now decided to go home.

After knowing her irredeemable sins, Annie wanted to redeem herself by returning to her father and her people.

But Hitch, on the other hand, knows that there won’t be any home except rubble and corpses.

Meanwhile, in the Shiganshina District, Connie desperately wanted to save his handicap titan mother. Hence, he took Falco Grice, the host of Jaw Titan, with him to save his mother, allowing her to eat Falco.

Hence, Armin wanted to save Falco first from impetuous Connie.

Armin now totally made his mind that Eren lost his cause in the battle.

As Yeagerists rise once again, Keith Shadis convincing his troop to side with them until the time comes.

Somewhere in the desert, Pieck, inheritor of Cart Titan, and Theo Magath saw that Hange calls out for help to them.

And surprisingly, Hange confirms that Levi is alive.

Levi Ackerman in attack on titan chapter 125

It seems that she is telling Attack on Titan fans that Levi, humanity’s greatest soldier, is still alive who refuses to die.

Next Attack on Titan chapter 126 will publish on February 07, 2020.

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